Interview with Kris Davis of IKE Productions


by Matt Bradley

Matt Bradley recently caught up with Kris Davis of IKE Productions, responsible for putting on Macmillan Festival 2012.

MR: What is your role in IKE Productions and what do they do?
KD: Hey Matt, I am the head promoter for IKE Productions. We’re a promotion company that aim to help local bands. We are primarily based in Nottingham but we also hold shows in Derby and work in partnership with other promoters across the UK.

MR: How did IKE Productions get involved with the planning of the Macmillan Festival?
KD: IKE Productions started raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support when I found out that my form tutor at secondary school was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Macmillan were there to support him through his operations and gave him help and advice whilst he was still working as a teacher at my school. I recognised what they did for him and wanted to raise money for them so they could help other people like him in similar situations.

MR: Did you manage to catch any of the bands that played this year and if so, which did you think were the best?
KD: I managed to catch a few songs from most bands that played. Notably our headliners on each stage: Earthtone9, Sinners Highway & Dave McPherson, played amazingly!! Earthtone9 rocked out a set of classic songs which everyone including myself enjoyed. Sinners Highway; I stumbled into the room whilst there was only Ross (vocals) on stage playing an acoustic guitar with the crowd waving their phones and lighters in appreciation. I could tell it was a special moment. Dave McPherson, played a few new songs, including a cover of Gotye’s ‘Eyes Wide Open’. Other bands which were great that day were Violet, Paper Cape, Goodnight Astronaut, Skies In Motion and Spirytus.

MR: What other fundraising activities were happening at Macmillan Festival and how much did you raise this year?
KD: We held a raffle at the event that consisted of a few special gifts from companies such as Two Seasons, as well as a lot of band merchandise which was happily received by those that won them. We also did a group head shave. Nine people in the end shaved off their hair – and in one case, even their eyebrows. In total from the raffle, head shaves and the festival itself, we have raised £2,023!! With a few more donations to come, we are extremely happy with this result. So far this music event has raised over £4,500 for Macmillan Cancer Support and we will continue to raise more each year and support those that need help.

MR: Are there any plans for Macmillan Festival 2013?
KD: As for next year, the festival will be on Saturday, September 7th 2013. Early bird tickets will be announced for next year very soon and we have some promising headliners to announce already for next year, so get your tickets cheaper while you can!!

MR: Any final words?
KD: Once again a big thank you to all of those involved with the festival: crew, bands, our sponsors and especially you, the public!! Bring on next year!!