Interview with Iain Mahanty of Kids in Glass Houses


Interview by Rob Moody

We met up with Iain from Kids in Glass Houses for a brief chat at the Birmingham Ballroom, as they arrived in town on their recent support of You Me At Six.

MR: This is quite a lengthy tour for all the bands – how has it been?

Iain: It’s been really good, all the shows have sold out, which is great, and the crowds have really got into it, so they’ve been really good shows.

How do you prepare for live shows, and has the preparation changed now you’re playing to larger crowds?

Not really – we’re not the sort of band that gets all pumped up beforehand, not like “yeah, let’s go!!!” we just enjoy going out there and playing a rock show, whether it’s a small or a big crowd, we just like playing to people.

Your touring history has seen you play regularly with other bands from the South Wales music scene – what in your opinion has made this scene so strong and produced so many bands in a short space of time?

Well, there’s nothing to do in the valleys! No, we’re very fortunate that we know all the bands that we play with, we went to the same shows as them growing up, so we’ve been lucky to be invited out on tours with LostProphets, The Blackout, even Stereophonics, and that’s really helped. Now we’re lucky enough to be doing headline tours and bigger shows we can look to go out with bands like Save Your Breath and keep it going.

Who are your favourite bands for playing and touring with?

Again, LostProphets – touring with them was like a dream come true, they were the first band that broke through and showed us all that it could be done. I love touring with The Blackout…I’m just going to say all Welsh bands again…

How about outside of those?

We toured with Zebrahead recently and they were great. I really respect their approach, they’ve been doing this for 20 years and to still be successful for that long is really impressive.

If you had a free choice, anyone you like, who would you tour with?

Oasis. I love all the Britpop bands, so to watch them every night would just be amazing.

It’s safe to say that 2012 will be remembered as the year of the ‘reformation’ – who are you most excited about seeing back on stage?

I’d love to see Black Sabbath – that will be an amazing show. Also I think Refused – it’s a bit of an obvious answer but I never got the chance to see them when they played first time round and they should put on a really good show.

The new album has been out for a few months now, it’s been well received, are you pleased with the response?

Definitely. It’s a little bit different to what we’ve done before, but Aled came to us with, well, a concept of a concept (record) and we all liked it, and what you hear is the result. A lot of the methods and techniques we used to record this album were really good, and we’ll use those again on future records.

Does the slight change in style reflect the band wanting to move away from their older work, or is that where you’ve moved to as a band?

I think it’s just the evolution of us as a band and the stuff we want to write. We still enjoy playing the old songs, but you always want to experiment and try different things.

What are your aspirations for the band in the next 12 months?

We’re going to start work on a new record – we’ll tour this until September and then start working on new stuff, to hopefully have an album out next year.

 We look forward to hearing it – thanks for your time.