Interview with Fr. M.H.DCXVI of Colombia’s Ignis Haereticum


Music has enormous power over the man.

Formed in 2007, it’s taken seven years for Colombian Gnostics/Occultists Ignis Haereticum to release their first full length. Appearing in June 2014, Luciferian Gnosis is an atmospheric and ritualistic album that is as sonically diverse as it is imposing. Bassist/lyricist Fr. M.H.DCXVI spoke to MR’s Jason Guest about the mystical worlds behind their music…

Thanks for taking time out for this interview and congratulations on Luciferian Gnosis. Having been together since 2004 (originally as Demogorgon), why so long to produce a full length?

Fr. M.H.DCXVI: Greetings Jason. Thanks for your words. For us, Luciferian Gnosis is the result of years of work and sacrifice, a reflection of our spirituality so it’s something special and could not be taken lightly.

Is there a theme or a concept that underpins the album? Can you tell us about it and how did it influence the writing of the album?

Fr. M.H.DCXVI: This album, it is a synthesis of our creed, meets many aspects of our thoughts and beliefs. It is a gospel for those who agree with our thinking.

What was it that you wanted to achieve with the album? Did you set any goals for yourselves?

Fr. M.H.DCXVI: We have not drawn any goal, we are not interested. This is not about satisfy the ego or for quest for fame or some material recognition. Our only purpose is to bring this message to those who are ready to receive it.

When writing for the album, did you have an idea of how you wanted it to sound or did it take shape as it was being developed?

Fr. M.H.DCXVI: We always had very clear what we wanted to achieve with this album, it was a very fluid and spiritual creative process for us.

Ignis Haereticum-2014Can you tell us about the artwork, its design and what it represents?

Fr. M.H.DCXVI: The artworks have an important role in this album each of them is loaded with mysticism and occult symbolism. I think it is not my role to explain its meaning; this is a gift that has wanted to give those who have the ability to see what is hidden.

Who are the artists? Why did you choose to work with them? And how much direction did you give in its design?

Fr. M.H.DCXVI: We were honored to have the support of three great artists: Nahash Basiliscus, Hathrul and F. Rincones. Each offered his talent to achieve reveal to the world our message. We chose to work with them for their great talent and wealth of their works.

I personally took care to talk to them about what we wanted to achieve and they very kindly lent their talent and work for our purpose. Finally I was in charge of condensing all this in the graphic part of album.

Why did you choose to work with Goathorned Productions (website; Facebook) for the release of Luciferian Gnosis?

Fr. M.H.DCXVI: For us it was very important release our first album through a serious and committed seal; we’re not looking for something with commercial impact. Goathorned Productions for me is the only serious stamp Black metal in our country. The mind behind it is a great friend and brother of many years, their commitment and professionalism helped get the result we were looking.

How does the band work together to create songs? Is it a collaborative effort or do you write individually? Do you discuss ideas about what you want each track to be about or is it an evolutionary process?

Fr. M.H.DCXVI: It is a very fluid process. Fr D.M. and I, we meet to talk and work, someone brings an idea that this gnawing his mind, whether musical or a particular topic, largely on our spirituality. In the end all this translates into chords and then songs.

What does the act of making music mean to Ignis Haereticum?

Fr. M.H.DCXVI: It is a manifestation of our spirituality, a reflection of light that illuminates from within.

Music is a very powerful medium for conveying messages, secular and spiritual. Do you think that music – something intangible and abstract – is itself imbued with a power to provide an avenue into these unknown aspects of existence?

Fr. M.H.DCXVI: Of course I think so. Music has enormous power over the man.

Between 2004 and 2007 the band went under the name Demogorgon. What prompted the name change? And what did this change mean to the band?

Fr. M.H.DCXVI: For the existence of a renaissance, there must be a death, it’s that simple. Demogorgon was the primary stage to what today is Ignis Haereticum. This step served its purpose so it was time for musical and philosophical transcendence.

What prompted Fr. S.D.’s departure? And how did his leaving affect the band and its music?

Fr. M.H.DCXVI: When a member does not work or become ill, it must be mutilated to prevent infection of the others. This does not affect at all our work, and allowed us to make our work more accurate

How has the band developed since the early days?

Fr. M.H.DCXVI: It has been a long way since we face the fact this is our life. We have managed to combine our professions with our work in the band, it has not been easy. Sleepless nights, little free time and a lot of sacrifice but this is worth it!

For you, what is black metal? And what do you think of what black metal has become since its inception?

Fr. M.H.DCXVI: Black metal is a musical genre that was born of youthful rebellion of a group of silly boys who maybe did not know what they were doing. But over the years has managed to mature and grow into something bigger than they could imagine. I am one who believes that black metal should be taken in a serious and committed with extreme devotion but always accompanied by knowledge and the spirituality. This is not a childhood pastime so in no way agree with the circus act that many have made the genre. Not all music that is labelled as “black metal” for me is welcome.

Ignis Haereticum-bandHow do you see the impact of the internet on black metal?

Fr. M.H.DCXVI: This is a double edged sword, on the one hand has helped many quality bands to spread their message, contributing to the growth of the genre but otherwise has brought the the proliferation of pathetic acts loaded with ignorance that do not know what they are talking.

What does the future hold for Ignis Haereticum? Is there more music in the pipeline?

Fr. M.H.DCXVI: of course! We will continue to work hard to bring our message.

Any gigs or tours planned?

Fr. M.H.DCXVI: For now we have nothing planned

What would be the ideal setting for a Ignis Haereticum show?

Fr. M.H.DCXVI: To be honest it’s something I have not thought lately. I think it should be a very special place full of magic and powerful atmosphere to help us convey all the ritual power of our music.

Thanks again for taking time out for this interview. Do you have any closing words for our readers?

Fr. M.H.DCXVI: Thanks for your interest in our art and keep the sacred flames burning in your hearts!

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