Interview with Deez Nuts


Interview by Brady Deeprose

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Brady: Hey guys, cheers for taking the time to answer these questions. You’ve just released your latest album ‘Bout It’: Can you tell me more about it?

DN: Yeah, it’s been out a couple weeks now and the response has been overwhelmingly positive! I guess I’d say it’s very much a DN album but just a step up musically and sonically. It’s definitely our best album in my opinion. And I know everyone says that when they have a new album but I always said our last album sucked so I’m the exception to that rule… Ha ha!

Brady: What are the themes on the album lyrically?

DN: Still a lot of brotherhood anthems and “party and bullshit'” type of lyrics, but I touched on a few more pissed off topics as well. I slipped a little animal liberation song in there again too, ha ha! Plus there’s an “owed to the fans” type song on there to that I collaborated with Freddy Madball on.

Brady: And is there a progression musically?

DN: Yeah I think so definitely. This is the first album DN that was ever written and recorded as a band rather than me writing and recording everything myself. So we really utilised everyone’s talents on this album. I mean we didn’t turn in to a math metal band or nothing; it’s just a tighter more aggressive sounding DN.

Brady: The last few years have been heavy for you guys on the touring front, has this been a good experience?

DN: Yeah it’s been awesome, we’ve been to a lot of amazing places and played a lot amazing shows and made a lot of amazing friends, what’s not to love? Plus we’re the kinda dudes that feel more at home on the road. We freak out when we have to much time off… idle time is the devils play thing… ha ha!

Brady: Which of the shows has been your favourite/have there been any highlights?

DN: It’s so hard to pic when you play so many different shows at both ends of a lot of scales, but I think with Full Force 2011 in Germany was a huge stand out for all of us. There was like ten thousand plus people watching us, I think that was the moment we really realised what the band had become in Europe and it was incredible how many people were there singing a long.

Brady: What’s your live set consisting of currently?

DN: Well, we just got off a south-east Asia tour and that was our first time to all the places we played so our set was like four songs from every one of our releases including the new album to make sure we covered all bases for people seeing us the first time.

Deez Nuts - Press PhotoBrady: Has the bands Aussie roots had an effect on how you’ve been received in the wider music industry? Has it been harder/easier to get recognition?

DN: I don’t really know what difference that makes… It’s definitely a harder slog making a name for yourself being from Australia in the beginning. But nowadays, it’s almost a “cool” thing to be an Aussie band so who knows. We just do our thing and work hard regardless. Half the bands are from NYC now anyways, ha ha!

Brady: Due to the generally comic backbone of much of your music, how would you describe the typical Deez Nuts fan?

DN: Open minded, with a sense of humour, loves music but realises it doesn’t have to be an emotional roller coaster to have message or resonate with you. Probably enjoys a drink to… ha ha!

Brady: What are the bands plans from here on out?

DN: Well, the rest of the year is already booked out with world touring to promote the album and play new shit. Then I guess we’ll start writing again and the cycle repeats. We have no plans of stopping or slowing down.

Brady: Are there any releases that you’re looking forward to yourselves?

DN: New ‘Stray From The Path’, I was lucky enough to get a sneak peak but I want that shit in my hands and more importantly in my ears. Plus the world needs this!

Brady: Is there anything else you want the fans to know?

DN: I want anyone who’s reading this who’s supported us in anyway in the last six years to know just how much we appreciate that shit! It’s a lot! And if you’re reading this but you’ve never checked us out, do it! If you hate it you never have to listen to it again… What have you got to lose?!!?

Brady: I have 5 questions that I like to ask every band I interview as follows:

1: What’s the best gig you’ve ever played?

DN: WFF 2011

2: What’s the top gig you’ve attended?

DN: Converge/Modern Life Is War, Atlanta 2004

3: The most influential band to you as a musician?

DN: Biggie Smalls

4: What’s your favourite track to play live?

DN: ‘Keep on’

5: What track are you most proud of writing/recording?

DN: ‘Rep Your Hood’ ‘cause it was my first ever attempt at writing/recording a song on my own.

Brady: Cheers for this guys, I wish you all the best for the future.

DN: Thanks very much mate!

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