Interview with Beau Bokan and Eric Lambert of Blessthefall – 16th January 2012


Interview by Rob Moody

Rob: Thanks for taking the time to meet with us – tell us about how the tour’s going so far.

Beau Bokan: Two words, sold out!

Eric Lambert: But yeah, it’s been incredible so far. We’ve been having a lot of technical issues, I don’t think we’ve had one show where everything went smoothly the entire time.

Beau Bokan: The shows themselves have been amazing. It’s so awesome to come back to the UK so soon, we were here 3 months ago on a headliner, and to come back and play in front of this many people, it’s been unbelievable.

Rob: The last couple of times you’ve been over have been as a headliner, what differences are there between supporting and headlining?

Eric Lambert: Not as much pressure.

Beau Bokan: You don’t get as much time to do things. When you’re headlining, you get to do sound check, you get to make sure everything works perfectly in your monitors, you get to dial in everything just perfect. But also, you get to do a short sweet set.

Eric Lambert: A short sweet set, and also everything’s still open when we get off stage usually – when you’re headlining all the restaurants and places are closed. We get the chance to have a shower, meet the guys afterwards, and get a chance to actually take a breather. With a headliner, you play an hour, and you’re so tired – and you want to go and meet everyone afterwards, but by the time I catch my breath and I’m ready to go meet them they’ve kicked everyone out.

Rob: Any places or shows in the UK that stand out in your memory?

Eric Lambert: London’s always a winner for us. The last show in London was unreal; it sold out weeks in advance. Birmingham was awesome too. I don’t think we’ve ever played here…

Beau Bokan: No, I’ve only played here once before with my old band, so we’re super stoked to play here as we haven’t played before.

Rob: Well you won’t have technical problems here; we don’t do that in Nottingham!

Eric Lambert: We got new guitar heads today, so we’ll probably walk on stage and everything will just burst into flames!

Beau Bokan: At least that would be rock and roll though.

Eric Lambert: I don’t care if everything breaks, as long as something catches fire!

Rob: This tour you’re on, with Asking Alexandria, Chelsea Grin and With One Last Breath, it’s probably fair to say they’re probably more towards the ‘heavy side’ of bands you’ve toured with – is that an indication of the direction you’re taking as a band, or was it just the tour that came up? What motivated it?

Beau Bokan: Yeah, we obviously have a heavy side to our music as well, but with the new record we maybe discovered that a bit more, so that’s pretty cool, but no, we were just asked to play on this tour and we couldn’t say no, we didn’t really care who else was playing, and we just got lucky that Chelsea Grin are such a great band, such cool dudes, and With One Last Breath are awesome too.

Eric Lambert: It’s a collective but it all makes sense. It’s not like too, I mean Chelsea Grin are like balls heavy, Asking Alexandria do a lot of singing, and that’s where we tie in, and With One Last Breath are the same way as us, so it’s cool, and like, it’s on that really heavy side but has a light side too.

Rob: You have played hundreds of shows as a band, who are your favourite bands you’ve toured with, both to tour with and also in general?

Eric Lambert: Definitely August Burns Red and As I Lay Dying. They are two bands you watch every night, and they’re the best dudes in the world. They’re so much fun to tour with, and we’re stoked because we’ve got a lot more touring with ABR coming up, and hopefully eventually As I Lay Dying as well, they’re definitely just two bands we love touring with.

Beau Bokan: They influence us as well in every aspect, both as musicians and everything about them.

Rob: You did a couple of sold out UK shows with August Burns Red last year, didn’t you?

Eric Lambert: Yeah, we played London, that was pretty full, and the one in Manchester was a much smaller room, that was a 450 cap, we just sold that out on our headliner as well. But it’s good to have a sold out room versus like a half full room.


Rob: Are there any bands you’ve not yet toured with that you’d really like to be on stage with?

Eric Lambert: Blink 182!

Beau Bokan: I’d really like to tour with Parkway Drive, that would be really cool.

Eric Lambert: Bring Me The Horizon, those guys are good friends of ours now.

Beau Bokan: Killswitch, their fans might be kind of rough on us but that would be awesome.

Eric Lambert: In Flames would be cool too, but I don’t think that would ever work out.

Rob: You could get in with Killswitch if you just stick in a quick audition tape now Howard’s left, and you could fill in on a few dates, Blessthefall could play too!

Beau Bokan: Yeah, that would be awesome! They’re bringing their old singer back though I think, which is going to be awesome.

Rob: One thing that’s happening a lot lately is bands getting back together after long periods away, just this week for example with Refused and At The Drive In…

Eric Lambert: We’re having heart attacks about that! I can’t wait to see At The Drive In.

Rob: What bands would you like to see play again, if you got the chance?

Eric Lambert: As Cities Burn actually just did a reunion, and I missed it, and I really wanted to see it. Their first album, Son, I Loved You At Your Darkest, without a doubt, that band made me wanted to play the whole singing/screaming sound, they have such good guitar players as well. I’d love to see them play that album in its entirety, I’d just freak out.

Beau Bokan: The Receiving End Of Sirens as well.

Eric Lambert: I can’t think of too many other people that broke up that I’d be excited to see…

Beau Bokan: Blink came back, that’s all that matters.

Eric Lambert: I’m sure Killswitch is going to be the next one, they’ll fade away for a bit, and then come back.

Rob: What are you looking to achieve as a band in the next 12 months?

Beau Bokan: (looking across at Chelsea Grin on the other side of the room) We’re looking to be as good as Chelsea Grin one day, so hopefully we can step that up…

Eric Lambert: …we need to step our breakdown game up, that’s for sure!

Beau Bokan: We’re just looking to continue to step up, a lot of people make the giant leap up, and then the giant fall down, whereas we’ve had a steady growth, which is amazing to see, like new fans constantly and we’re just hoping that keeps going.

Rob: And Beau, am I right in thinking you’ve got a bit of a break coming up, you have a ring on your finger?

Beau Bokan: Yeah, I got the marriage thing coming up, which is cool.

Rob: Where’s the honeymoon going to be?

Beau Bokan: Somewhere in South America, we haven’t decided yet.

Rob: Well best of luck with that, and with the tour. Thanks for your time.