Interview with Alex Guiterez of Mortillery


Questions by Lucy Gliddon

Firstly, can you give us a brief history of Mortillery for Midlands Rocks readers who aren’t familiar?

We started in late 2008, after a couple of member changes we have kept busy playing as much as possible. We are all really comfortable in the band because we all seem to agree on how we want our music to sound, we all have very different influences but find a commend ground in thrash!

How would your describe your sound?

Thrash metal! we play what we consider to be a good mix of punk and metal, our music is very natural to us, mostly influenced by various forms of rock and roll, its hard to describe your sound but post apocalyptic metal punk would be a great way to say it!  

Thrash has recently been revitalised by bands such as Municipal Waste and Evile- is it a genre you are looking to stick to or do you want to experiment with your sound?

At the end of the day we are just going to play songs that we like, we can’t imagine sounding any different than what we do, but there will always be progression in the band.

Which bands have influenced you the most?

We all like different types of music, thrash is what we like to play, that being said, bands like Metallica (early), Anthrax, Helloweeen, Toxic Holocaust, Skid Row, Broken Bones, have always been at the top for us.

Do you have any plans to tour in the UK/Europe?

That’s our goal!, although for now we are concentrating on recording our new album, after that’s done we plan to tour as much as possible, especially in Europe.

Do you get any extra attention because Mortillery is female-fronted, and has it been positive/negative/mixed?

Not really “extra attention” just a lot of questions about it haha people have mentioned that they don’t like the fact but its rare, no one really says anything directly to us about it anyways, we feel like people just look at us like any other band.

Which thrash vocalists have influenced Cara’s vocal style the most?

Mostly influenced by Joey Belladonna, Kai Hansen and Sebastian Bach

You’ve covered Anthrax’s ‘Madhouse’ before; are there any other tracks you would like to incorporate into your live set?

Yeah covers are always fun! we do a couple of others here and there but lately its been mostly original material, we are on  creative stage right now and we plan to take advantage of that!

What other great Canadian bands should we all check out?

Most people already know Exciter, Annihilator and Razor, but for new bands, Skull Fist, Cauldron and our label mates Striker are making a name for themselves! There’s so much great music coming out of Canada right now, were so proud to be able to do our part.

You are set to record your second album with Napalm Records in July- what can fans expect?

We wrote all of the next album’s songs in  a pretty short period of time, we feel a little closer to a level of song writing that we are trying to reach, they are faster, heavier, and at times darker. It will have everything you liked from the last album but with more of a direction.

Finally, you’ve already achieved a lot since forming in 2008. Where would you like to see the band in another four years from now?

We are doing all we can to bring our sound all around the world, in 4 years the band should be at a heavy touring stage, and by then we should have a great collection of songs, were are a young band and very hungry, so our plan is to keep busy and moving forward!

Thanks so much for your time!!