Interpol – Our Love To Admire (10th Anniversary edition)


A must-have for fans new and old…

Out 18 August 2017 on LP, CD and bonus DVD via UMC

Reviewed by Jason Guest

Released on 10 July 2007, Interpol’s third album, Our Love To Admire, was the band’s first for a major label and was to become one of the band’s biggest selling albums. An album that encapsulates modern life, taking it down one of its dark alleys to slowly strangle the life out of it in search of answers to many a question, ten years later it’s easy to see why. With layer upon subtle layer emerging as tensions build and release, the luscious and daunting soundscapes are peppered with insightfully acidic lyrics that make for an unnerving experience.

While it was thought the band would change direction, when this arrived, what was apparent was that Interpol had plenty of tricks up their sleeve. They hadn’t run aground. There was plenty of ground still to explore. And evidently, there was a growing audience keen to be taken along for the journey. Sparse and brooding, from the dark, airy atmosphere opener ‘Pioneer to the Falls’ through the lone-bass-line-build-to-huge-chorus ‘No I In Threesome’ and the oddly-optimistic-yet-acerbic ‘The Heinrich Maneuver’ to the poppy ‘Who Do You Think’, Interpol provide an array of simultaneously cheery and unsettling moods and tones. With ‘Wrecking Ball’ and ‘The Lighthouse’ to close the album out, here, Interpol give us an insight into where they would go next.

Marking a critical and commercial breakthrough for the band, Our Love to Admire boasted an expansive, cinematic sound that, according to Uncut upon its release, was “a majestic, grandiose, machine-tooled album.” And here we are, ten years after its release and it’s still as beautiful and as potent as it was back in 2007. Available as a two-LP vinyl set, a double LP with bonus DVD, and a CD/DVD set – the DVD featuring the band’s 12-song performance at the London Astoria on July 2, 2007 – this re-issue is a must-have for fans new and old.

Interpol – Our Love To AdmireTrack list (2LP & CD):

  1. Pioneer To The Falls
  2. No I In Threesome
  3. The Scale
  4. The Heinrich Maneuver
  5. Mammoth
  6. Pace Is The Trick
  7. All Fired Up
  8. Rest My Chemistry
  9. Who Do You Think
  10. Wrecking Ball
  11. The Lighthouse


Track list (DVD):

  1. Pioneer To The Falls*
  2. Narc
  3. Mammoth
  4. Rest My Chemistry*
  5. Obstacle 1*
  6. Public Pervert*
  7. Hands Away*
  8. The Heinrich Maneuver
  9. Evil
  10. Not Even Jail*
  11. NYC*
  12. Stella Was a Diver and She Was Always Down*

* previously unreleased