Incite – Oppression


Metal at its finest…

Out on 22 April 2016 through Minus Head Recordings and this but has been scribbled by converted metal-head Martin Stanyer

Phoenix’s Incite have shared the stage with everyone from Crowbar to Soulfly (no real surprise there as vocalist Richie is Max Cavalera’s stepson) and all in-between showcasing a wealth of experience on the live circuit. Translating the experience into music once again, kicking off latest album Oppression is ‘Never Surrender’, a track full of grooves reminiscent of Pantera that is brutal, immense and soaked in the pure energy of metal. Track two, ‘Lost reality’ is funkier in its riffs. There’s some great guitar work and the rhythm section is really tight. Again keeping the up-tempo start of this album and showing no remorse for the faint hearted, this is metal at its finest.

Sure to become a mosh pit favourite, ‘Stagnant’ is anything but. Great drumming, great vocals – backing too – and a guitar solo that is precise, tight and played to perfection. ‘No Remorse’ shows none whatsoever, brutal and ferocious, with hooks aplenty. Riff-driven title track ‘Oppression’ – aptly – paints no pretty picture, the lyric ‘I will destroy you before the walls fall down’ embodying the band’s ruthless and remorseless approach. ‘Life’s Disease’ starts with a more minor discordant sound, still heavy but much artier with the guitars backing off so that Richie C’s vocals shine through.

‘Forced into Life’ returns to the brutal approach at the start of this album and brings the groove back, the reverb on the vocals adding an atmospheric depth to the track. ‘Worst Of Me’ delivers more of the same and ‘I Want It All’ is easily a song Pantera could have written the line ‘I want it all my way or nothing’ again summing up the uncompromising attitude of the band. ‘Silenced’s hardcore vocals soar over this doomy and brilliant choice for an album closer. This is an album for those with a passion for finding metal’s next big name.

Incite – Oppression10 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. Never Surrender
  2. Lost Reality
  3. Stagnant
  4. No Remorse
  5. Oppression
  6. Life’s Disease
  7. Forced Into Life
  8. Worst Of Me
  9. I Want It All
  10. Silenced