Impurity / Sex Messiah – Vomiting Blasphemies Over The World – Split LP


Music to make love to…

Dropped on us by Nuclear War Now! Productions on 11 March 2016 and eventually washed off by Jason Guest

Brazil nuts Impurity have been at it since 1989 and there has been about as much change in their approach as there has improvement in the artwork, i.e. none. Still blasphemous, still noisy as fuck, and still as vicious as ever they were, the three anti-Christian horrific hymns here are vulgar, violent and vehement. Distorted to fuck and back, the riffs that are torn from the guitars are a sweat-and-blood-soaked mass of freshly torn flesh, the drums are as hard as nails, and the vocals are gloriously ugly. Infinitely evil and blasphemously funny.

It’s because of Japan’s Sex Messiah’s hilarious band name that I decided to give this release a listen in the first place. I know, one shouldn’t judge a book and all that but Sex Messiah really do live up to the incredulity of their mirthful moniker. Compromise isn’t part of their vocabulary, and neither is production. Sounding like it was recorded in a cheap sex den hidden away in the seediest part of town, after listening to this you’d probably best get yourself checked out at the Doc’s, who knows what you’ll have picked up from this. Aggressive, abrasive and morbid, these four satanic slabs of diabolical debauchery are just lovely.

This malicious marriage between two vile and disgusting creations is just nasty enough to make the baby Jesus cry, and that, kiddies, is why we like it.

Impurity & Sex Messiah 20167 out of 10


  1. Preaching Mark Of The Beast
  2. Anti-Dominical
  3. Preaching Mark Of The Beast

Sex Messiah:

  1. Maniac Lust
  2. Holy Death
  3. Vampire
  4. Eternal Winter