Ignis Gehenna – Baleful Scarlet Star


Refined, fierce, commanding…

Released through Seance Records on 9 January 2017

Reviewed by Jason Guest

With Erebus Enthroned recently (and sadly) defunct, along with lyricist Archfiend, Nihilifer has turned his hand to Ignis Gehenna and delivered its first full length release, Baleful Scarlet Star. Dramatic and disconcerting, atmospheric and aggressive, abrasive and engaging, with six tracks between 6- and 10-minutes long, what is most striking about the album is its consistency. Well-written, well-structured, well-executed and well-produced, there’s not one track that falters. Nihilifer’s vocals are, as on all of Erebus Enthroned’s works, outstanding, and while the fiery guitar work summons endless shades from the darkness and the drums infuse each track with a demonically driven pulse, it’s the sometimes-melodic and always-intense bass work bridging the gap between rhythm and rage that makes for an even more compelling listen.

Where the material on the 2008 demo Ecclesia Diabolus was interesting, the spark of insidious inspiration is much more present on the 2010 EP Revelation of Sinister Rebirth. Because they are good more than great, it would be understandable if one was to decide to give this a miss. But that would be a mistake, and an unforgivable one at that. As a fan of Erebus Enthroned their demise is disappointing, but to find that Nihilifer is producing material as refined, as fierce and as commanding as Baleful Scarlet Star bodes well. A remarkable piece of work, if this is any indication of where Ignis Gehenna is headed, we are not to be disappointed.

ignis-gehenna-baleful-scarlet-star8 out of 10

Track list:

  1. Serpent Oracle
  2. Baleful Scarlet Star
  3. Edict of Blood
  4. Melas Oneiroi
  5. Litany Unto Thanateros
  6. Anamnesis