High Spirits – Motivator


Necessary apostrophe overload!

Flying high from High Roller Records on 16 September 2016 and pointed at by Jason Guest

Chicago hard rockers High Spirits make me laugh. Not in a bad way. This is that kind of cheesy, superficial, high-flyin’, hard rockin’, fist-pumpin’ (the apostrophes are as necessary as the ‘g’ isn’t), never-gonna-bring-me-down super-duper rawk that is all about the good times. The track titles alone give it away: ‘Do You Wanna Be Famous’ (question marks aren’t necessary either, it seems, pedant that I am), ‘Reach For The Glory’, ‘This Is The Night’, ‘Flying High’. See what I mean? We’re smack in the middle of an 80s movie with big lacquered hairdos, stonewash jeans with braces ‘cos they look cool (shudder at will), shoulder pads big enough for the NFL, hi top trainers and an overwhelming and unwavering determination to unlock the secrets of success for love or money!

The riffs are straightforward rock riffs pedalled out at a steady pace against a backdrop of quarter-note drumbeats and laced with God-dammit-I’m-really-doin’-it guitar fills and flourishes, soaring solos that soar(!) and lyrics that will fill you with such fortitude that it will take an elephant tranquiliser to bring you down! There’s more energy and vibrancy in one note from this entire album than there is in a coked-up banker on a night out in celebration of ruining a country’s entire economy. Yep, it’s fun. And like all great nights, the thrill doesn’t last beyond the early hours . But we’ll always have the memories…

High Spirits – Motivator6 out of 10

Track list:

  1. Up And Overture
  2. Flying High
  3. This Is The Night
  4. Reach For The Glory
  5. Do You Wanna Be Famous
  6. Haunted By Love
  7. Down The Endless Road
  8. Take Me Home
  9. Thank You


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