Heriot to join Rolo Tomassi on tour


UK’s most exciting new heavy band, HERIOT, will support experimental metal legends Rolo Tomassi on their Europe 2023 tour, alongside Holy Fawn.

The news follows the band’s recent tours with Zeal & Ardor and Boston Manor and marks the band’s first tour in Europe.

Releasing their globally-critically acclaimed debut EP, Profound Morality in April, Heriot played to packed tents at Download, 2000trees, BloodstockArcTanGent, gathering a legion of fans in the process.

Profound Morality is out now via Church Road Records, and is available here.

Heriot are a blistering, vicious, visceral new group, having made their mark with their titanic singles ‘Dispirit’, ‘Recreant’, ‘Cleansed Existence’, ‘Near Vision/Enter the Flesh’, as well as their monstrous cover of Machine Head‘s ‘Ten Ton Hammer’ over the course of 2021.

The band’s output across the last year has led to heads being turned across the metal world, all blown away by Heriot’s unrelenting take on the new heavy. Fully-focused and with a razor-sharp edge, the awe-inspiring double-vocal attack of Jake Packer and Debbie Gough on vocals is all-conquering; the titanic support of Erhan Alman (guitar) and Julian Gage (drums) rock-solid.

Profound Morality reflects different aspects of human behaviour in our modern society. How far people push their moral boundaries to achieve what they want; outdated modes of living and beliefs that harm our contemporary life; life and death and how fulfilment can be achieved, be that helping or hurting peers; and how this shapes tyrants of industry, and a clear separation of class and wealth.

Heriot have deservedly been grabbing attention with all four pairs of hands, weaponising metallic sludge and hardcore, unholy levels of distortion, speed and gut-punching talent. Elements of NailsKnocked LooseCode Orange, and Vein combine and collide to exhilarating new effect, to create a new sound that is truly groundbreaking, fully worthy of the notice the band are achieving.