Hellsworn – Repulsive Existence


Bludgeoning and soul-devouring sickness…

Discharged by Underground Movement Records on 12 July 2016 and probed by MR’s abhorrent actuality, Jason Guest

Fucking hell, this is ugly! With a sound distilled from the sewage of early Swedish death metal, Repulsive Existence is pure, unadulterated and very contaminated filth of the highest order. Out of the gate of hell with the title track, savagery ensues. And never stops. When the malevolent ‘Repulsive Existence’ ends, the vitriol of ‘Voices From Beyond The Grave’ begins, barbarity brimming and bile bubbling immediately. Then ‘Lifeless’ storms in to deliver blow after demonic blow of depravity and destruction. With its massive hammer-smashed riffs driving the devastation, ‘Sons of Serpents’ – a confession of their lineage, no doubt – is incredible. The vomit-ridden pestilence of ‘Serial Misanthropy’ is macabre and menacing, and the maniacally rapid ferocity of ‘In External Darkness’ is remorseless and a beautifully beastly way to close out this compendium of bludgeoning and soul-devouring sickness.

The left hand path may no longer be the one less travelled but Hellsworn know it very well and with more than a few nods in the direction of Dismember, Entombed, Nihilist and the like, this is just the right side of repugnance and reverence. Made up of members and ex-members of Sheol, Scythian, Qrixkuor, Towers of Flesh, Funeral Throne, Theoktony, Left to Bleed and Haizum, this debut EP from this Midlands mob was first released on cassette a couple of years ago and is to be released on CD through Underground Movement Records. A wise move on the label’s part, it would be wise of you to pick up a copy.

Hellsworn – Repulsive Existence8 out of 10

Track list:

  1. Repulsive Existence
  2. Voices From Beyond The Grave
  3. Lifeless
  4. Sons of Serpents
  5. Serial Misanthropy
  6. In External Darkness