Hells Headbangers: Abysmal Lord + Mutilated Veterans + Cemetery Lust + Children of Technology


Review by Jason Guest

HellsHeadbangersFour more from Hells Headbangers have appeared at Midlands Rocks Towers (click here for a list of reviews of other releases from the label).

And so, headbanging in to hell we trot. Click the band names above for their review or read the lot.

Abysmal Lord – Storms of Unholy Black Mass

Release date: 8 August 2014

“Always on the lookout for the foulest, filthiest sounds in the metal underground,” Hells Headbangers may well have just put an end to that search with the debut EP, Storms of Unholy Black Mass, from Abysmal Lord. With the sounds of war colliding with heavily pulsing drums, savage chords, divebomb guitar noises, and a monstrous other-worldly vocal puking its disgust in ‘Terrorist Dawn’, don’t be surprised if you hear yourself exclaiming “what the fuck?”. With hell torn asunder by ‘Gnashing of Teeth’ dragging the tempo down and the pitch even lower, ‘Angels of Persecution’ and ‘Storms View’ take great glee in mutilating its fleeing inhabitants. And ‘Revelation’ is a great, gory, disfigured mutation of sickening sounds and scarred flesh. Fucking disgusting. And utterly brilliant.

Abysmal Lord – Storms of Unholy Black Mass8 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. Terrorist Dawn (Introwehrmacht)
  2. Gnashing Of Teeth
  3. Angels Of Persecution
  4. Storms View
  5. Revelation


Mutilated Veterans – Necro Crust Warhead

Release date: 5 August 2014

That band name, that title, and the artwork say it all. This debut EP from Spain’s Mutilated Veterans does exactly what it says on the tin. Devastating D-beats, destructive riffs distorted beyond recognition, death-fuelled grunts spat from a razor-ripped throat, and a get-in, get-out quick approach, the six tracks that make up the all-too-brief-but-oh-so-very-annihilating 14 minutes that is Necro Crust Warhead are ruthless. Merciless. Unremitting. Savage. Recommended.

Mutilated Veterans – Necro Crust Warhead7 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. March Of The Mutilated
  2. War Funeral
  3. Blood Militia
  4. A Tank Full Of Corpses
  5. Triumph Of Torture
  6. Carnage Warfare


Cemetery Lust – Orgies of Abomination

Release date: 24 June 2014

Band name: Cemetery Lust. Band members: Raypist, Disgustor, Squid Nasty, Nasty Nate, and Andrew Angeldust. Album title: Orgies of Abomination. Track titles: a tongue-in-cheek mix of gore, sex, and blasphemy. Okay. This is going to be fun and filthy. Press play. Yep. It is. Predictably so. Old school, crude, and about as murky as can be mustered, Orgies of Abomination isn’t about to win any awards for originality, musicianship, or production. The riffs are rough as a rough thing’s rough bits, the bass muffled to a muffled murmur, the drums as cardboard as a homeless guy’s habitat, and the vocals are gruff. And that’s about it. If it weren’t for the depravity and the puerile humour – which wears off pretty quick – there’d be little else to redeem this album. Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever. Guess which this will be seeing the most of.

Cemetery Lust – Orgies of Abomination5 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. Inhumane Indulgence
  2. Mass Grave Orgy
  3. Bloody Whore Bath
  4. Ride The Beast
  5. Malice In The Morgue
  6. Cyborg Sex Machine
  7. Tenement
  8. Devils Grave Disturbance
  9. Intent To Molest
  10. Cum On The Cross
  11. S.T.D. (Sexually Transmitted Death)
  12. Maleific Masturbation


Children of Technology – Future Decay

Release date: 19 August 2014

The last time I heard Italy’s Children of Technology was in late 2012 with their Mayhemic Speed Anarchy EP (reviewed here). Chaotic, unruly, punk-laced thrash delivered at manic tempos, it did little for me. Almost two years after that release – and four years after their first full-length, It’s Time To Face The Doomsday – they’ve returned with their second full-length, Future Decay, and little has changed.

With its John Carpenter-meets-Brad Fiedel synth/piano intro and track titles that have presumably been inspired by Mad Max 2, this is as old school as you’d expect. The band waste no time in getting to the point and every song is a blast of raw energy and attitude and like the aforementioned EP, it’s fast, loud, brimming with punk attitude, and lacking in bite. There are one or two good tracks – ‘Remembrance Day’ and ‘Eaten Dust Overload’ just about do something interesting – but there’s little else that really dishes out the kind of kicking you’d want. As the promo material says, “everything on Future Decay is turned up to 11,” particularly the banality.

Children of Technology – Future Decay5 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. Future Decay
  2. Remembrance Day
  3. Blackout
  4. Hold Up Your Fuel
  5. Eaten Dust Overload
  6. Under The Ripping Storm
  7. Last Sunshine Gleaming
  8. Fear The Mohawk Reaper