Gutslit – Amputheatre


A hacker and a slasher of an album  from the Indian death metal scene…

Released by Transcending Obscurity on 15 October 2017 and reviewed by Stephen Brophy

The extreme metal scene in Asia is exploding right now, not just with the number of bands but also with the quality of the bands that are currently bursting out onto the scene. One of these bands are India’s Death Metal monsters Gutslit who return with Amputheatre, the follow up to 2013’s debut Skewered In The Sewer with a new vocalist, Kaushal LS (also of Godless), to rip through your guts.

These days you can take or leave an album’s intro without too much thought, but this one sets a dark and slightly ominous tone of what’s to follow. A hacker and a slasher of an album, the eight tracks that follow emanate from some diseased bowel, just what you need from a death metal album. Right in your face from start to finish, the aggression flows ceaselessly through the whole album. ‘From One Ear To Another’ is an album highlight, as are the rabid blast of ‘Blood Eagle’ and the old school ‘Brodequin’. And ‘Scaphism’ is brimming with killer powerful riffs, pummelling drums and gut-ripping vocals.

Amputheatre is a really nice slice of death, not overly polished but still with a distinct raw edge to it. This is a band that clearly works very hard at what they do. And here, it shows. The addition of Kaushal LS to the band may help them climb to a new level and this album is certainly a step on that path. After ten years and a number of line-up changes perhaps Gutslit have now settled upon the line-up that will unleash their potential. I really look forward to hearing more from these guys.

Gutslit – AmputheatreTrack list:

  1. Amputheatre
  2. Brazen Bull
  3. From One Ear To Another
  4. Necktie Party
  5. Blood Eagle
  6. Brodequin
  7. Maraschino Eyeballs
  8. Scaphism
  9. Death Hammer