Greg Graffin – Millport


A trudging re-treading of standard C&W chords with little and less to say…

Released through Anti Records on 23 March 2017 and reviewed by Ian Savage 

There hasn’t been a time in living memory when we’ve needed punk rock more. With Donald Trump in the White House and far-right groups making gains across Europe, one would think that Bad Religion founder (and evolution professor) Greg Graffin would be champing at the bit to get another high-tempo vitriolic diatribe onto record – instead he’s pulled out a full-on American country offering.

Millport is his third solo album exploring other musical genres, but it’s also his first since 2006’s Cold As The Clay …and a lot’s happened in the interim. Fans of Bad Religion might be hoping for something at least a little bit political, and they’ll be disappointed – there’s plenty of banjos and slide guitar, but zero bollocks or chutzpah.

Despite bringing in members of Social Distortion, there’s no fire or drive to this record whatsoever – it’s a trudging re-treading of standard C&W chords with little and less to say. Graffin’s said that he wanted a positive feel for this opus, and has collaborated with many ‘authentic’ C&W players too – the resultant LP might work as background music for a Southern right-wing dinner party, but little more.

Greg’s managed to pull off something truly remarkable in this record – he’s made something that’s at the same time bland and utterly outrageous in how bland it is, given how he found his platform. Of course I won’t actually burn my 1997 Bad Religion T-shirt on the strength (or weakness) of this album – but I’ll not wear it again until their frontman gets some balls back.

Greg Graffin - Millport3 out of 10

Track list: 

  1. Back Roads Of My Mind
  2. Too Many Virtues
  3. Lincoln’s Funeral Train
  4. Milport
  5. Time Of Need
  6. Making Time
  7. Shotgun
  8. Echo On The Hill
  9. Sawmill
  10. Wax Wings