Grave Lines – Sinensis


Two albums in and London’s Grave Lines, purveyors of ‘heavy gloom’ have already carved a unique niche in the myriad spheres of heavy music. Their first album Welcome To Nothing set the tone for their distinct take on doom metal, which was broadened even further with album two Fed Into The Nihilist Engine. An epic feast of hard ‘n’ heavy riffs coupled with brooding sadness interspersed with thoughtful transcendent moments of introspection.

Never a band to rely solely on trotting out those ‘doom metal’ tropes, the band began to weave in gothic and experimental elements into their music, to delve deeper into the dark shadows of the psyche.

Now with their third album Communion Grave Lines continue their exploration into the ugliness of the human condition, at the same time becoming a band that truly defies any pigeonhole. Today they have shared the video for intense new single ’Sinensis’ which was directed, edited, produced and filmed by Lawrence Allan Wheeler.

The band comment: “Sinensis is one of the new songs we felt it made sense to shine a light on. Every track from our new album ‘Communion’ we feel operates within its own space sonically, and none more so than this one. This particular track, for us, simultaneously holds something familiar yet something new and unknown to it, an intensity which was astutely captured by producer Andy Hawkins in the Nave Studio whilst introducing a range of experimental sounds and instrumentation to the fold.

“Collaborating with Lawrence Wheeler on this video with his brave and bold approach to shooting, really enabled us to delve into the feelings of disconnect and convey a fragmented perception that the new album inhabits and explores. The building maelstrom of frustration and tension is intentional and palpable from the outcome.”

Continuing to hone and evolve their collective vision and aided by the masterful production of Andy Hawkins at The Nave Studios, ‘Communion’ sees Grave Lines creep further into the various corners of their sound.

In a nutshell ‘Communion’ is a violent descent of bile-soaked intensity spiralling between filth laden swagger, and fragile mournful lament. The album delves into the internal aloneness of existence and the failings of the human connection.

Owing as much to Bauhaus and Killing Joke as it does to Black Sabbath or Neurosis, there are moments of gut wrenching doomed up heaviness and bellowing noise rock, contrasting with ambient gothic passages and a thoughtful melancholy, to a create a powerful new chapter in their ceaseless journey through the gloom.

The seven tracks act as distinctly separate representations of the album, each individually mirroring the remoteness of human consciousness.

Grave Lines’ fusion of elements makes them one of the most powerful and mesmerising bands inhabiting the heavy music world at the moment, and with ‘Communion’ they have crafted an album that encapsulates their distinctive dynamic perfectly.

Communion will be released on July 15, and comes in deluxe black and white smoke effect vinyl, housed in a full colour single sleeve with download included. Also available on CD and on all digital platforms.

You can preorder the album here. Grave Lines will also launch their album on 29 July at the 229 venue, London.