Grand Magus – Triumph And Power


Review by Tosh Davies

Nuclear Blast

The steady rise of Grand Magus and the improving quality of their output over the last few albums has not gone unnoticed in the fickle world of Metal. Now, after finally finding a home they’re comfortable with at Nuclear Blast Records, people are finally getting to see and hear them a whole lot more than previously….to my obvious delight!

Let’s not play games. Triumph And Power is Man Metal! It’s an album that you start listening to clean shaven and finish with a full on plume of thick face fuzz, the perfect beard enhancer if you will. For a start just take a look at the manly song titles: ‘Steel Verses Steel’, ‘Fight’, ‘Dominator’, and the hefty ‘The Hammer Will Bite’. These are good old strong Scandinavian, Viking-bothering call to arms. Interspersed within the grandiose of thundering riffs and galloping rhythms are a couple of more traditional interludes highlighting the softer side to this band of leather clad Scandinavians. Opener, ‘On Hooves Of Gold’ sees frontman/guitarist JB lead his shadowy cohorts on a battle through snow-capped mountains only to face the enemy on ‘Steel Verses Steel’. There’s some powerful imagery going on within the album and you can feel the cold shiver of the winter wind penetrating your battle armour as you ride your way through the album.

Delivered with a rock solid old school approach and total conviction makes it all the more believable, thankfully Grand Magus have not tried to mess with a winning formula. This three-piece have continued to plug away and produce consistent quality Metal albums staying true to their Scandinavian roots throughout. Triumph And Power will see your journey to Valhalla is a steady sword-wielding battle fest. Grand Magus continue to impress with another collection of battle hymns.

Grand Magus - Triumph and Power8.5 out of 10

Track Listing:

  1. On Hooves Of Gold
  2. Steel Versus Steel
  3. Fight
  4. Triumph And Power
  5. Dominator
  6. Arv
  7. Holmgång
  8. The Naked And The Dead
  9. Ymer
  10. The Hammer Will Bite