Graham Bonnet Band – Live… Here Comes the Night


A stellar set…

Out on Frontiers Records from 7 July 2017

Review by Angie K

As a Rainbow fan, I couldn’t be happier this year: they decided to reunite and tour the UK, and Graham Bonnet has recently released a live Best Of album together with his band, where, amongst everything else, he pays due tribute to Rainbow. I haven’t had the privilege to see him perform live yet, which is why this album makes me even more curious as to what it is to experience a gig with this living legend nowadays.

Live… Here Comes the Night has been recorded during the Frontier Festival III on 24 April 2016 in Trezzo (Milan, Italy). This is his first live album and a home video released for the past 33 years (since Bonnet toured with Alcatrazz), which explains his excitement with the project. The CD comes after two years of regular world tours with Graham Bonnet Band. As usual, they rely on the popular rock vocalist’s heritage, thus helping keep more than one legend alive. This is what is characteristic of his latest studio album as well, The Book, where he, again, pays tribute to his past with his re-recorded classics.

In Live… Here Comes the Night, the band whose music features most heavily in the set list is Rainbow. Pretty much half of Down To Earth (1979) is here, performed with as much passion and professionalism as we know it from those days: ‘Eyes Of The World’, ‘All Night Long’, ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’, ‘Lost In Hollywood’. Bonnet sounds as good as he always has, showing that age does not necessarily affect big talents adversely. He has preserved not only the quality of his pipes, but also his powerful and distinctive singing style.

Second priority has been given to Bonnet’s Alcatrazz history: three of the tracks have been taken off the No Parole from Rock’N’Roll 1983 album (‘Jet To Jet’, ‘Island In The Sun’ and the all-time favourite ‘Suffer Me’), and two – from Disturbing The Peace 1985: ‘Will You Be Home Tonight’, ‘God Blessed Video’. The live atmosphere sounds warm and appreciative, as you would expect from a band of this popularity.

Michael Schenker’s Assault Attack hasn’t been forgotten, either, with songs such as ‘Dancer’, ‘Desert Song’ and the title track. There are also a couple of tracks from Bonnet’s solo album Line-Up (‘S.O.S.’ and ‘Night Games’), as well as one piece from his work with Impelliteri (‘Stand In Line’).

Altogether, this makes a hell of a stellar set, a delight for fans of not only Bonnet and all his satellite projects, but classic rock as a whole. Thrown into the mixture is good quality audio, which at times makes you forget that this is a live recording, only to be reminded of it by Bonnet’s interaction with the crowd. It is therefore not at all surprising that he is very pleased with the final result of the release. So he should be.

Graham Bonnet Band – Live… Here Comes the NightTrack list:

  1. Eyes Of The World
  2. All Night Long
  3. S.O.S.
  4. Stand In Line
  5. God Blessed Video
  6. Will You Be Home Tonight
  7. Jet To Jet
  8. Night Games
  9. Suffer Me
  10. Dancer
  11. Desert Song
  12. Island In The Sun
  13. Since You’ve Been Gone
  14. Assault Attack
  15. Lost In Hollywood



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