Gorgy – Legacy of Gore


Nothing but a Gorehound…

Paul Castles finds life a grind with Gorgy, whose 24-track album was released by Static Tension Recordings on 1 September 2017

Sensitive? Nervous disposition? Politically correct? Please stop reading right now…. For the rest of you feast your eyes and ears on this bulbous bile behemoth from US toxic death grind outfit Gorgy.

This is savagely brutal, stomach churningly guttural and sharper than a porcupine and twice as smelly. Legacy of Gore features 24 uncompromising and unfettered grind hand grenades that detonate every three or four minutes, each sealed with its own explosive power-packed punch.

This album essentially brings together everything Gorgy have ever done since they formed a decade or so ago, including the Battered and Devoured Demos, and squeezed the whole contaminated cauldron of sound into an hour and 17 minutes.

The quota of distorted and dysfunctional song titles arrives early with the likes of ‘3rd Degree Sodomy’ and the face-melter ‘May Cause Birth Defects’. And there’s more where that came from.  Before you’ve had time to hose yourself down you’re being dragged screaming into the likes of ‘Disgorge the Child’ and the lethal riff scorcher ‘Necrotizing Mastitis’.

The epic thing about this release is that it has the sounds to back up the anal aesthetics. Soundwise Gorgy are venomous, they’ll cut you in half as soon as look at you. The sound is a blastbeat ballpark with cavernous primal growls and barks bolstered by crushing breakdowns applied usually at the apposite moment, such as on ‘Birth of Damnation’. It’s an incendiary cocktail of all that is sick and bestial.

But while you can almost reach out and grab the raw energy within these 24 temples of filth, Gorgy are far from playing at it. The musical layers are adeptly applied, the grooves land heavier than a T Rex’s footsteps and the riffage is harder and hairier than an outraged Orc.

Nor do Gorgy lack humour, several tracks are proceeded by a spoken word reading that leads into the inferno that inevitably lies in wait.  The five-piece hail from the Bible Belt around Nashville so it’s no surprise to hear them honouring that with crucifix headspinners such as ‘Christ Fucking Sodomy’ and ‘Selling God’.

And while most tracks fly by in two or three minutes one of the standouts is the four-minute eyeball exploder ‘From Womb to Tomb’. Listen and weep, muthas.  The vocals from Bobby Snook have more gravity and depth than one of Kim Jong-Un’s missiles, at times sounding like he’s regurgitating an undercooked chicken. Feathers really do fly with Gorgy.

If you like to fill your headspace with a combination of Napalm Death, Pig Destroyer and Dying Fetus then you won’t be disappointed with grind giants Gorgy. Legacy of Gore could scarcely be better named.