God Seed – I Begin


Review by Jason Guest

Indie Recordings

Uninspired and disaffected by black metal, Gaahl detached himself completely from metal in 2009 while he and King, both formerly of Gorgoroth, were working on material for this band’s debut. Leaving King with a bunch of vocal-less tracks, he called on Shagrath from Dimmu Borgir to complete what came to be released as The Underworld Regime under the Ov Hell moniker. Though not a bad album, what was left in its wake was the question of what it would have been like had Gaahl not made the decision he had. And so, with Gaahl returned to metal, he and King have finally completed God Seed’s debut, I Begin.

King’s assertion that God Seed be considered a band rather than a duo is supported by the exceptional performances of all of its members. As long-time adepts of the dark side, the quality of King’s and Gaahl’s performances is as expected and their presence is felt in all of the tracks. In working with Kenneth Kapstad (drums), Geir Bratland (keyboards), Sir and Lust Kilman (guitars) as contributors rather than hired hands, they’ve made a significant step away from Gorgoroth to forge a sound of their own. And I Begin is so much the better for it. As if the tracks have been given the necessary time to gestate and fully develop under the guidance of its collaborators, from ‘Awake’ through to ‘Bloodline’, God Seed have let nothing hinder their musical vision. As well as producing a fierce black metal album, they have integrated a number of unorthodox sounds into their ire and ice-laced conception. ‘Altrande Lit’ has an eastern feel to the melodies and riffs; the disorienting ‘Lit’ has hints of 70s prog rock to it; and the closing track, ‘Bloodline’, built on eclectic sounds rather than the usual barrage of distorted guitars, pounding drums and hellish vocals, is an ambient and atmospheric track that is as cold as the fiercest riff found within ‘This From The Past’ or ‘From The Running Of Blood’. With both the band name and the album title indicating a spiritual and creative aspect more so than a nihilistic or destructive perspective, it’s only fitting that I Begin is the title. With all that has gone before left firmly in the dust, God Seed’s long-awaited debut has been worth the wait.

8 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. Awake
  2. This From The Past
  3. Alt Liv
  4. From The Running Of The Blood
  5. Hinstu Daga
  6. Aldrande Tre
  7. Lit
  8. The Wound
  9. Bloodline