God Damn – God Damn (7″ Single)


 Review by Paul Broome

I love vinyl. I love the look of it, the feel of it, the process of playing it. Nobody is happier than me that vinyl is back. And the 7″ single is the simplest and most classic form, the one that most from my generation (and the generation before) was first introduced to as a snotty-nosed kid. Which is why I’m rubbing my hands together with delight that the first release to come from quite possibly my favourite local band at the moment takes that form.

Cross Black Rebel Motorcyle Club with AC/DC, add a bit of Minor Threat and a few strands of Tazmanian Devil DNA and you’re getting close to unlocking the hard rocking sound of Wolverhampton’s GOD DAMN. Having early on taken the bold decision to do without a bass in their ranks (relying instead on a twin guitar and single set of drums attack), the full-on aural assault that this band is capable of has to be seen to be believed.

Side A of this debut 7″ single exhibits the band’s intense and heavy side, in the form of their eponymous signature tune, which tears through the stylus and out of your speakers like a beast in heat. It’s a magnificent gem of a stomp-rocking anthem, full of power, attitude and intensity.

But don’t go thinking this band is a one-trick pony, oh-no, far from it. Because flip the thing over (you remember how that works, yeah?) – and you’re greeted with the acoustic Southern State sounds of ‘How To Behave’, with its laid back, almost languid Syd Barrett-esque, vocal delivery and intoxicating harmonica. Not the obvious choice to back up the first single, and therefore a great choice which means you’ll be flipping this single from A to B and back again and playing it over and over again until your parents (or children… or neighbours) start pounding on the walls. Just like the good old days. A superb debut, and one which really whets my appetite for a full-length release.

The single is officially released on Saturday 17th March (in a limited edition of 250), and there’s a free launch gig on the same date at the NUMA bar (old Little Civic) in Wolverhampton – more details here:  https://www.facebook.com/events/184750518296265/

8 out of 10

Track Listing:

  1. God Damn
  2. How To Behave

Order your copy now from: http://distortedtapes.bigcartel.com