Gian – All Life Erased


Fast. Furious. Fearless.

Review by Debbie Gough

Inverse Records

Release Date: 20 February 2015

Emerging from the pits of hell, or in this case, ironically the snow kissed landscapes of Finland, are Gian with their first studio album entitled, All Life Erased, proving to take the metal scene by storm with riveting riffs that are sure to bash your brains about. As the title implies, the record intends to exterminate anything in the band’s way with tracks such as ‘Bloodstorm’ and ‘Capital Punishment’ preparing them for a certain battle against pretty much anything that’s not painted in black and is unable to quote every lyric from Slayer.

‘Zombie Christ’, the first single of the album, is more contagious than the plague and guarantees to leave you singing about selling your soul to Satan ,even while going round ASDA, for at least a week after a couple of listens. With the combination of a brutal beat and a slaughtering solo, it’s impossible to resist the urge to aggressively shake your head and pull a ‘grumpy cat’ face while playing this beefy track. Jampe Honkonen, vocalist of the band, appears to have adapted to the life of a barbarous beast for the entirety of the album while regurgitating filth-ridden messages sent from Lucifer himself; it’s plain to see that this Finish band aren’t fearful of resurrecting a bit of controversiality while preaching their views on God.

As is the case for the vast majority of death metal bands, admittedly some of the tracks do bleed into one another and on occasions it’s hard to distinguish whether you’ve had too many blue smarties or the song has actually been going for 10 minutes long. With that being said, the more familiar you become with the numbers, the more distinct they become and it’s only a matter of sticking this album on a few times to love each one as an individual. Fast. Furious. Fearless. Gian make it very clear that All Life Erased is merely the beginning of their cobbled path to certain victory.

Gian – All Life Erased

8 out of 10

Track Listing:

  1. Trauma
  2. Bloodstorm
  3. All Life Erased
  4. Zombie Christ
  5. Self-Immolation Party
  6. Burn
  7. A Perfect Shot
  8. Plain and Pleasure
  9. Aggression Unleashed
  10. No Absolution
  11. Capital Punishment