Ghosts Of Men – Hang Fire (CD single)


“It’s pure loud, heavy, dancey rock”

“catchy, melodic and funny”

“awesomeness drips from every note”

“helluva good”

Fans say it better than we can. Serial festival performers and fast rising Planet Rock favourites, The Ghosts Of Men are carving out a reputation for themselves as the future of the two piece (guitar and drums) rock band.

An album and two Eps, all on their third repressing would seem to bear that out, and the minimalist vigour of ‘Hang Fire’ (a trailer for the next album) confirms that you can’t be the future without looking back. There’s something of The Black Key’s intensity and the White Stripes’ booming blues heaviosity in GoM’s brand of ascetic rock. It’s elemental, fuelled by seething bass runs, bursts of fuzz and thudding drum rolls. But there’s a commercially appealing melodic core to the band’s music, and a barely suppressed sense of anarchy which echoes further back down the years, recalling rock innovators like Cream and Frank Zappa.

Watch this space, as the saying goes.

Hang Fire / Show Down