Foetal Juice – Masters of Absurdity


Sick, just sick – the good type of sick, that is…

Released on Grindscene Records on 2 December 2016 and glared at by Jason Guest

If you’ve got any unspent vouchers left over from Christmas or anything that you’re yet to return, it’s time to cash in and procure this brutal beauty. I doubt that most if anyone who put this on their Christmas list joyously tore open their gifts one by one on the day of the big JC’s birthday and found this buried in there somewhere. “But Mom! I wanted it!” Thusly, many a death metal Crimbo dinner was ruined. And not Indiana Jones, James Bond or even the Queen’s speech would make up for it, drink or no drink.

With a plethora of savage riffery glazed in belching, barking and bilious vocal splatters and beaten to a bloody pulp by hammer-slammed drums, Masters of Absurdity is a frantic, fevered and funny (check the song titles) compendium of deathly grinding abuse. Sick, disgusting, vile, despicable, abhorrent, and revolting. And funny. What more do you need? Right, now’s your chance. If you can’t get back to Primark (yeah, that’s how much thought they put into those gifts), get on eBay and sell sell sell those gifts that they thought were so thoughtful and right up yours and then get this. They will regret it. You won’t.

Foetal Juice - Masters of Absurdity8 out of 10

Track list:

  1. Dutch Oven
  2. Phantom Visions
  3. Noneckahedron
  4. Leachgate King
  5. Brutal Tooth
  6. Gin’ll Fix It
  7. Grave Denied
  8. Booze Locust
  9. Nun So Vile
  10. More Hate, More Hell