Fecalizer – Back From The Dead: The Wonder (s)hits


Toilet humour…

The shit really does hit the fan with Fecalizer’s Greatest (s)hits album, released via CDN Records on October 6 2017, and reviewed here by Paul ‘where’s the rubber gloves’ Castles

This is a shit album, no wait, really – that’s a compliment! Back From The Dead: The Wonder (s)hits is Fecalizer’s second full length release of the year. But while Grind Galore was the Mexican trio’s second new album, this porcelain encased 34-song dirty deluge is a kind of greatest hits (shits) from the past 14 years. As such it’s the ideal intro to these savage Mex Max madmen who exist in the same Mexican metal contaminated crypts inhabited by the likes of Brujeria and Disgorge.

Those of a certain vintage will recall those days back in the 80s when any record that veered even slightly off kilter would come emblazoned with one of those stickers proclaiming… this record contains bad language or some weird sexual practice. Well, God knows what they’d make of this effluent explosion from Fecalizer. As if ‘Anal Massacre’ isn’t bad enough to trigger a few alarm bells, by the time they’ve ploughed through ‘Born in Shit’ and ‘Gang Bang in Fecal City’ the so-called Moral Majority would be calling for sticker reinforcements.

Back From The Dead: The Wonder (s)hits is a one-hour  trip down the toilet that fans of Fecalizer will be all too familiar with. The Mexican trio play a gratuitous grind mix with the dominant themes being gore, guts, sex and giant piles of crap, most likely in the same song. And of course it’s a combination that rolls off the tongue, so to speak.

On the band’s own anthem ‘Fecalizer,’ there are some dynamic grooves flowing around the u-bend as Fecalizer show hidden depths to their music prowess that may be surprising for some too quick to judge. Necro Cannibal is a great vocalist, letting out a whooping cough yelp to light the touchpaper, or should that be toiletpaper, on songs such as the thrusting ‘Empire State of Grind.’


The first few lines of the Tom Petty classic ‘American Girl’ make a brief appearance before Fecalizer shove it to one side and get messy with ‘Mortal Cumbath’ while ‘‘Eat My Shit Mutherfucker’ has a great stomping chorus that any grind pit would happily brush their teeth on. Ariel Blaster’s ballistic blastbeats and machine gun skin work is a feature throughout while guitarist Bogdan Nowak (are these their real names?!) works his strings faster than a plague victim trying to reach the latrines before their bowels detonate.

‘Let the Zombies Rule the World’ and ‘The Walking Dead Invasion’ are facepeelers in which Necro Cannibal’s vocals are so low as to almost trim the lawn. ‘Morturom Demonto’ is the longest number at four minutes and has an extended horror shlock intro that will have you running straight to the loo, which of course is Fecalizer’s favourite room in the house.

As with the rest of the album once things take off it’s a case of more fuzzed up full throttle grind warfare, so warped and twisted you’ll be picking bits of it from your teeth for weeks to come. ‘The House of the Dead’ is so primal that it sounds like Ariel Blaster is attacking a couple of biscuit tins with rusty spoons rather than playing a complete set of drums. On ‘Born in Shit’ the slow build-up adds to the suspense as the Mexican crew toy with the tempo before employing the same approach on ‘Stench Coprophagy.’

With one of the best death metal/grind sleeves I’ve seen in a while, Back From The Dead: The Wonder (s)hits has everything the fans demand from the flushed out Fecal Legions. Now where’s the loo paper.

  1. The Night He Came Home (Intro)
  2. Anal Massacre
  3. Fecalizer
  4. Empire State Of Grind
  5. Mortal Cumbath
  6. Eat My Shit Mother Fucker
  7. We Are Going To Eat You
  8. Gore Galore
  9. Let The Zombies Rule The World
  10. Walking Cadavers Catastrophy
  11. The Walking Dead Invasion
  12. Living Dead Domination
  13. Gangbang In Fecal City
  14. Fuck Humanity
  15. Morturom Demonto
  16. Brutal Revenge
  17. Dr. Cannibal
  18. The House Of The Dead
  19. BxRxAxIxNxSx
  20. Born In Shit
  21. Stench Coprophagy
  22. When The Zombies Takes The Earth
  23. Apocalyptic Friday