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Over the last four years, FATangel has made a name for itself as a premiere management team for some of the best unsigned and Self-Signed bands on the underground circuit. Not only this but Chris Sams and Angel Merry, the duo behind FATangel have also been heavily and vocally open to supporting many bands with help, advice and support.

In the last couple of years Angel has branched out into PR services and Chris has moved into booking and promotions creating Mosh Against Cancer Coventry and co-hosting many events, not only in Coventry but all over the UK.

However, as much as workloads increase, the number of hours in the day unfortunately do not.

Daniel Carter, the force behind Bearded Monkey Management & Promotions has always worked closely with FATangel and both teams have on many occasions helped and advised each other in various aspects, this has built a great deal of trust and mutual respect between the three of them so it was no surprise that when Chris and Angel talked about expanding the FATangel team, Daniel was the first and only name mentioned.

FATangel is expanding!
Daniel Carter is being brought into the team as a full partner for all things management, PR & bookings.

Chris comments:
“We feel that now is the time to expand our team and bring in a new partner to help manage and run FATangel alongside us. We have had a great working relationship with Dan for a number of years now and we all have the same philosophy and standards within every aspect of our management, PR and promotion. This merging of entities seems the logical thing to move us all forward.”

Angel adds:
“Combining our resources and bringing all of our bands and work under one umbrella is the right step for us and for all our management, PR and booking agency clients.”

This partnership is now being formalised and Daniel is happy to bring his experience, expertise and artists under the FATangel banner.

Along with this exciting announcement, FATangel will also be formally launching the new bookings branch to work alongside the Management and PR. Apart from the bands on the management roster who have always had the FATangel booking service, there is now also the added announcement of Daniel and Chris running a dedicated booking agent service.

The First client that has joined the booking roster are UK Thrash Legends VIRUS, FATangel will be handling all UK bookings for them.

Chris comments:
“We have always helped out friends with gig and tour bookings outside of our regular remit, but now with Dan on board to help share the load, we will all have more time to dedicate to this. We’re not saying we are going to take on every band who comes our way, but there is more scope now as a three-person team. The adage ‘Stronger together’ has very much played a part in this and we know that with the three of us working side by side we will be able to achieve great things for our bands.”

The final words come from Daniel Carter:
“Having worked with Chris and Angel and forming a great friendship over the years, it made sense for us to merge together underneath one banner, I am pleased to say that Bearded Monkey Management & Promotions will now be known as FATangel Management. We will be forming a super team.”

Welcome to the NEW FATangel!

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