Fallen Temple Records: Behelal + Blackwhole + Betrayer / Neolith


More nastiness from the underworld…

Appearing in Jason Guest‘s inbox with only the word “Greetings!” to be seen came a zip file from Fallen Temple Records with a bunch of releases stuffed into it. What to do, thought he. Give ‘em a listen, thought he. Fucking hell, thought he.

Fallen Temple - LogoWith part 2 coming soon, here are the first three:

  • BehelalSatanic Propaganda
  • BlackwholeAnother Starless Night (Tape)
  • Betrayer & Neolith – Split 7”

To hear more from Fallen Temple Records, take a listen on Soundcloud. Here’s their Facebook page. In the meantime, enjoy… or endure.


Behelal – Satanic Propaganda

Release date: April 2014

Seven years after their first and only album, this Greek mob have emerged from the underworld with a two-track 7”, half of which is given over to a cover of Rotting Christ’s ‘Gloria De Domino Infernio’. An interesting choice of track, it falls to ‘Sons ov Paransense’ to give some indication of what Behelal have been up to since 2007’s Metamorphosis. An ominously atmosphere track, cast over its blackened landscape are ever-darkening melodies and multi-layered orchestral synths that lend it an eastern feel, one of mystery and magic that becomes increasingly moving as the track urges us onward through its adumbral voyage. If there’s an EP or an album on the horizon, it looks to be stunning.

Behelal – Satanic Propaganda8 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. Gloria De Domino Infernio (Rotting Christ cover)
  2. Sons Ov Parasense


Blackwhole – Another Starless Night (Tape)

Bringing together the three tracks from their 2013 demo and the one track from their split with Warhammer, Germany’s Blackwhole’s Another Starless Night is bleak. An impenetrable darkness akin to that of Celtic Frost and Triptykon (sans the gothic element), this mighty death / doom / black metal hybrid staggers along with all the despondent determination of a dodo dropping from an airplane. As far as this Teutonic trio are concerned, the doomier and gloomier it gets, all the better. For a band two years in, this is an impressive start.

Blackwhole – Another Starless Night7 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. Ruins
  2. Parlamentsufer
  3. Another Starless Night
  4. Spees Graben


Betrayer & Neolith – Split 7”

Release date: 17 June 2014

Active between 1989 and 1995, Poland’s Betrayer has delivered their first track since their reunion in 2012. A crushing riff tinted with a sharp harmonic digs a deep groove in this death metal delight (check out the video here). Berial’s vocals are demonic and demented, Majka’s drums are pummeling, and with some manic lead work to further discolour the brutality, ‘Beware’ is a more-than-fitting title. More please. 8 out of 10

Neolith’s half of this release is an unrelenting battery of ravaging riffs, machine gun drumming, and acidic vocals and is a crushing slice of death metal debauchery. With a more modern edge to their sound, Neolith have developed well since their origins in the early 90s and stand tall against a lot of what’s doing the rounds at the moment. A band to explore further methinks… 7 out of 10

Betrayer & Neolith – Split 77.5 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. Betrayer – Beware
  2. Neolith – Of The Angel And His Orison