1. “The Crow Flies” is a brilliant debut from a brilliant band i’ve seen live 3 times already and have got to know well and become good friends with Keep on rockin, guys Stone Broken’s next gig will be at Fixxion Warehouse on Friday 7th November so come and check them out live if you haven’t already

  2. Can’t get this to play , marked ‘private’ on Soundcloud and it won’t play direct from this link. I’m sure it is very good though, I will try and get to see this lot live.

  3. A great bunch of guys ( & doll!) with raw amazing talent. They have incredible stage presence & their songs leave you hungry for more. Stone Broken are a force to be reckoned with & I’m confident they will go far. Looking forward immensely to their next live show & will definitely be buying the new E.P.
    Keep on rockin guys!

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