Exalter – Persecution Automated


A promising progression from one of Bangladesh’s top Thrash Metal outfits

Released by Transcending Obscurity on 28 January 2018 and reviewed by Stephen Brophy

Another of the burgeoning group of bands coming out of the subcontinent, Bangladesh’s Exalter is an old school thrash metal band – and old school in the very best sense. Naturally this isn’t mould breaking, it’s not something you haven’t heard before, but damn it’s good. A lot of Exodus throughout their self-titled debut from last year, which I guess was classed as an EP/Mini Album, there’s a tonne of influences in their music. With Persecution Automated as their first full length album, it’s deeper, darker and the gut ripping riffs are much more clinical than before and marks a distinct progression for the band.

This is one of those albums that is definitely worth taking the time to check out. There are enough tracks on here that will get you moving your head to, and that’s a great starting point for anything we listen to. A lot of modern thrash is great, but also perhaps a little speed obsessed at times, so this makes a pleasant change as it is not all frenzy.

The tracks that really stand out are ‘Slaughter Cleanse Repeat’ which kicks along nicely, never bursting out of its shell but at the same time never needing too. As with the rest of the album, solid riffing is the order of the day. ‘Incarceration’ drives along with a machine gun tempo, pausing briefly for breath to balance out the track. Also, worth a few listens is the closer ‘Clandestine Drone Warfare’ in the video above.

Having heard their self-titled release from 2016 and quite liking the rawness of the whole experience, this album is a big step up from then. Everything is on a different level, from the vocals to the churning riffs and screaming solos. It seems that every month there’s another few bands to be added to the list of ones to watch, and the bands are coming from all different corners of the world. The resurgence of thrash globally continues and this is certainly another album worthy of giving your attention to. Check out Exalter. They will bring you back to a time that still lives strong in many fans’ hearts and minds.

Exalter – Persecution AutomatedTrack list:

  1. Intro
  2. Holocaust Ahead
  3. Reign Of The Mafia State
  4. World Under Curfew
  5. The Dreaded End
  6. Slaughter Cleanse Repeat
  7. Incarceration
  8. Grip Of Fear
  9. Pathology Of Domination
  10. Clandestine Drone Warfare