Eradicate – Demise Towards The Dasein (EP)


Things have moved at lightening pace for Turkey’s Eradicate. Formed in 2021, they soon set about recording a four-song demo which saw the light of day earlier this year. The band were picked up by Polish label Godz Ov War, who now release that demo as Demise Towards The Dasein, and it’s tough-as-nail sound is certain to put the band on the global metal map.

Turkey was never my first thought when thinking heavy metal, so I’m glad this disc landed in my paws to blow away my preconceived ideas. A discombobulating introduction sets a rather unsettling tone and ‘Maddening Darkness Of Obscurity’ is the sound of a microphone being lowered into the very depths of hell. While it does set a disturbing scene, it also detracts from the following ‘Whispering Paranoia’, which would have made a far better opener, and a far better calling card for those experiencing Eradicate for the first time. But that’s a minor quibble because ‘Whispering Paranoia’ is a musical maelstrom that sweeps up all in its path. I’m detecting a definite hardcore vibe to Eradicate’s modus operandi, think the harder end and bands such as Six Ft Ditch and Ninebar, and this gives the band’s brand of heavy metal added bite.

Eradicate are a band who make a sound that’s far bigger than their constituent parts, and they certainly put the “power” into “power trio”. The group comprise of demonic drummer ’The Han’, bassist ‘Sarzu’ and guitarist and growler ‘Inhuman’, an unholy trinity who share an obvious chemistry as evidenced by the staccato riff that introduces ‘Involution Within The Void’, on which the band stop and start with military precision. There’s plenty of invention on offer here, and I like the ominous tolling bell that appears mid-song which generates a dark and disorientating atmosphere. Likewise, the spoken word samples on closer Pseuodic Liberty Of The Mind’ turn it into a vivid soundscape that’ll have the hairs on your nape standing to attention. I don’t know from what film they’ve been lifted, but they suit the song perfectly and they ensure that Eradicate won’t be forgotten in a hurry.

Debut releases rarely come as perfectly formed as Demise Towards The Dasein, and it finds this Istanbul combo on top form. I hope they haven’t peaked too early, but this is a solid start and the perfect steppingstone towards bigger things.

  • Reviewed by Peter Dennis.
  • Demise Towards The Dasein is released via Godz Ov War and is available now from here.
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Track List:

  1. Maddening Darkness Of Obscurity
  2. Whispering Paranoid
  3. Involution Within The Void
  4. Pseuodic Liberty Of The Mind