End Christian – Bach Part One



Released by Translation Loss / Internet & Weed / Corpse Flower Records on 27 July 2018 and reviewed by Stefan P

The album features several guest musicians including Justin Broadrick (God flesh, Jesu) Mike Hill (Tombs), Chris Connolly (Sun Kill Moon). Given the calibre of musicians and names involved you would expect something that is hard as nails and heavy. The result, however, is an experimental feast of left-field beats, breaks, electronica and the sublime.

‘Altered for Concern’s pulsating kick drum resonates enough to rupture the eardrum. The vocal sample morphs and becomes even more disturbing over time. 2 minutes in and the break beat drops unexpectedly and is well positioned and tolerable break away from the 4/4 kick. Ferocious and distorted basslines penetrate the sound scape making the song feel more industrial in nature.

Taking things into an alternate spectrum ‘Hamilton Three’ adds another twist by providing spaced out and trippy sounds that are conjoined with low key beats that are illusive and placed well in this ephemeral track.

‘Workmanlike’ hits with a rhythmic and distorted guitar loop that introduces the listener to Trip-Hop-esque beats followed by a very odd but well suited Synth sound. The vocals are more prolific on this track with the vocals being moved upfront in parts in the mix.

‘Salvia’ First thing I notice is the imaginative vocal line that bounces around like a crazed person on Helium, the changing melodies are very fascinating and blend well in a prominent set of beats.

The ‘lo-fi’ and unique ‘Karaoke so’ is one of the stand out tracks on the album the crashing symbols sound like plates being smashed over dubby bass-lines. The varying drum pattern and experimental vocals are almost ‘Avent-Garde’ but the rhythmic almost animalistic feel holds this track together.

‘Anywhere with you’ is another stand out electronic and almost sculptural track. The Choppy beats are creative and the vocal line could quite easily host Thom York performing vocals. This track is the most accessible track on the album.

End Christian have delivered a piece of music that’s both experimental and progressive and does not follow any set formulae. What you get is an immersive and challenging at times listening experience but that’s what makes it so interesting and unique.

End Christian – Bach Part OneTrack list:

  1. Hamilton 2
  2. Anywhere With You
  3. Great Escapes
  4. Certs
  5. Karaoke_So
  6. Salvia
  7. Workmanlike
  8. Venison Thaw
  9. Hamilton 3
  10. Blistered Heart <3
  11. Altered for Concern (JK Flesh Mix)