Empyre – Something Remains EP


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Released on 1 March 2016 and reviewed by Angie K

To say that there is an easy way for a new band to make an entrance into the overcrowded music business would be the modern day equivalent of finding the Holy Grail. Releasing an EP, however, is a decent way to set the foundations of a successful future path for the newcomers. This is what the British rockers Empyre have chosen to do. Having recently released their second EP, Something Remains, they know how to make an entrance. The band has it all: clear melodies with distinctive rhythm and catchy tunes, perfect instrumentation, good vocals and professionalism that have the potential to draw listeners’ interest towards the gigs and releases planned for the near future.

Empyre describe themselves as a band with influences ranging from by the Seattle sound of the 90s and dirty blues rock, to more atmospheric and acoustic music. I would put them into a slightly different box: classic rock with alternative inclination (Seattle style indeed). One cannot help but draw comparisons between vocalist Henrik Steenholdt and Chris Cornell – and, I must say, they sound almost equally good. Empyre’s music is, however, deeper than this. They have wisely chosen three very different tracks for their EP demonstrating the variety of their talent. In this nice and short release, you will hear blue, rock, hard, alternative, as well as a lyrical ballad: all that is required for a good album. The intricate guitar solos in ‘The Only Way Out’ show that Empyre can do it no worse than anyone else. Now that they have had their lineup sorted, it is time for them to focus on their next release EP, which is almost written already.

There is a possibility that they may get on stage before Christmas – only if they are 100% happy with the quality of their music. And this EP is a pretty good indicator of quality over quantity. Well worth checking out and well worth waiting to see them live.

Empyre – Something Remains EP10 out of 10

Track list:

  1. Something Remains
  2. Only Way Out
  3. Homegrown



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