Dutch rockers De Staat kick off their European tour with Birmingham date this week


Dutch rockers De Staat kicked off their autumn 2022 UK & European tour with explosive club sets in Manchester, Dublin and Glasgow this past weekend.

And the band (big favourites of The Prodigy) are now set to play further UK live shows this week in Birmingham, Leeds & Bristol – last remaining tickets for the following shows are on-sale now via https://www.destaat.net/#shows

Photo: Alexander Popelier


18-10-2022 | Mama Roux (UK) | Birmingham

19-10-2022 | Brudenell (UK) | Leeds

20-10-2022 | Thekla (UK) | Bristol

25-10-2022 | Stage Club (DE) | Hamburg

26-10-2022 | Gebaude 9 (DE) | Koln

27-10-2022 | Substage (DE) | Karlsruhe

28-10-2022 | The Cult (DE) | Nürnberg

30-10-2022 | Hole44 (DE) | Berlin

31-10-2022 | Hybrydy (PL) | Warsaw

01-11-2022 | Futurum Music Bar (CZ) | Praha

02-11-2022 | Rockhaus (AT) | Salzburg

04-11-2022 | Form Space (RO) | Cluj-Napoca

05-11-2022 | Club Control (RO) | Bucharest

06-11-2022 | Terminal 1 (BG) | Sofia

08-11-2022 | Turbina (HU) | Budaperst

10-11-2022 | Storm (DE) | Munchen

11-11-2022 | Resonanzwerk (DE) | Oberhausen

13-11-2022 | Plaza (CH) | Zurich

24-11-2022 | Hedon (NL) | Zwolle – SOLD OUT

26-11-2022 | Oosterpoort (NL) | Groningen

30-11-2022 | Maassilo (NL) | Rotterdam

02-12-2022 | PAARD (NL) | Den Haag – SOLD OUT

08-12-2022 | TivoliVredenburg (NL) | Utrecht – SOLD OUT

10-12-2022 | 013 (NL) | Tilburg

13-12-2022 | Muziekgieterij (NL) | Maastricht

16-12-2022 | Doornroosje (NL) | Nijmegen – SOLD OUT

17-12-2022 | Doornroosje (NL) | Nijmegen – SOLD OUT

18-12-2022 | Doornroosje (NL) | Nijmegen

De Staat have also released a selection of new tracks from their innovative red, yellow, blue project – Head On The Block, Danger and Someone To Be

red, yellow, blue is not a studio album – instead, a massive collection of new songs is being rolled out across various digital platforms. This project started in November 2021 and will continue over the course of 2022 & 2023.

While other bands force themselves to narrow all their different tracks into a ten-song album, this project allows De Staat to embrace the broad scope of what they do. Band frontman Torre Florim compares the project to food: “You get a three-course dinner every few months.” Today is one of those special days where De Staat serves us a red appetizer, a yellow main course, and a blue dessert.

About the new red song Head On The Block Florim says: “Our bubbling inspired stomper of the summer. An ego driven, aggressive, dance song. It’s an ironic take on my love hate relationship with being a performer.”

Next up, as yellow, is the song Danger: “Our funky ode to danger. I believe you need danger in your life, to truly feel alive. So, this a celebration of danger.”, says Torre.

And lastly Someone To Be under the colour blue, ” Is about the frustration of not knowing where to go or what to be. When you have a desire for a simple solution to personal unrest. “I just want someone to be”. Arrangement-wise this is one of my favourites: who knew a swing beat, a dubstep bass, strings, tubular bells and dreamy vocals make a hell of a combination.”