Destruction – Spiritual Genocide


Review by Jason Guest

Nuclear Blast

Teutonic thrash titans Destruction are approaching thirty years old and sound barely a day older than when they started back in the 80s. Business as usual, Spiritual Genocide sounds like a band intent on sticking to what they are best at, and so thrash it is. What you see is exactly what you get with thrash, it always has been and it always will remain so in Destruction’s eyes. All forms of oppression and suffering are under attack and Destruction have again ransacked their vast stash of weaponry for their assault: hyper speed tempos, palm-muted riffs aplenty, acerbic vocals, and no time to waste. And as such, there are no hidden depths, there’s no hidden agenda, and there are no surprises. Yep, they’re pissed off; yep, they’re shitting riffs; and yep, they fucking well know how to do their fucking job well. But as good as it is to see one of the key figures in thrash maintaining their stance and producing quality material, this is predictable throughout. Not one track stands out as better or worse than another (though there are a couple of tracks that could have been left off) and not one track sticks with you after the album ends, regardless of how many times you play it. More nostalgic than pioneering, as it stands, Spiritual Genocide is a pretty good thrash album from a band that are masters in their art, but they’ve done much better.

Destruction - Spiritual Genocide6 out of 10

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Track listing:

  1. Exordium
  2. Cyanide
  3. Spiritual Genocide
  4. Renegades
  5. City Of Doom
  6. No Signs Of Repentance
  7. To Dust You Will Decay
  8. Legacy Of The Past
  9. Carnivore
  10. Riot Squad
  11. Under Violent Sledge