Dendera – The Killing Floor


Review by Tosh Davies

The swarm of young British bands is engulfing the scene at the moment, which is marvellous but you have to do/be something to make yourselves stand out from the Trivium-wannabes and pop-punk piss-poor pretenders. Dendera are a metal band with the vision to tread that well-trodden path: if it ain’t broke don’t try to fix it, as long as you do it well. With galloping riffs intertwining between guitarists Steven Main and Tony Fuller, it harks back to the good old days of traditional British Heavy Metal. With three songs breaking the six-minute barrier you get a sense of where I’m going next. The obvious comparison is, of course, Iron Maiden which is certainly not a bad thing if that’s your intention. The lyrical content and vocal delivery of Ashley Edison certainly enters Dickinson territory. With ‘Hatechild’, ‘Till We Fall’ and ‘My Mercy’ all stomping along with a colossal sound, The Killing Floor is an excellent effort for their first release, it’s an album with a polished metallic edge that will welcome fans young and old covering the classic with the cutting-edge perfectly.

With the years slowly creeping up on the multi-million selling bands you have to ask who will – or can – fit into those metal studded jackets they are soon to hang up? Dendera have the ability to fulfil the task, I’m sure a few more years honing their talents could result in mass success. It’s up to you now guys.

Dendera 20137 out of 10

Track Listing:

  1. For Vengeance
  2. My Mercy
  3. Senlac Hill
  4. The Killing Floor
  5. Hatechild
  6. The Predator
  7. Bridges Will Burn
  8. Till We Fall