Demonic Creator – Suffer In Hellfire


Review by Jason Guest

UKEM Records

Formed in 2009 by Asphyxiator (also of Unholy Deathcunt) and guitarist/bassist Necrotica, Demonic Cremator already have two full lengths under their blood-stained bullet belts – 2009’s Blizzards of Hate and 2011’s Crucified – as well as a couple other demos, a single, and an EP. January 2013 brings album number three from the dark duo, Suffer In Hellfire, and it’s as filthy and crude as their music is raw and primitive, again seeing them sticking to the old-school approach in terms of writing and production, i.e., straight-ahead and severe.

Asphyxiatior’s vocals on Unholy Deathcunt’s first demo Fuck You were, at best, adequate and so his decision to bring in Filthgrinder for Dying in Fucking Agony was a wise one, but here, his approach is altogether different, developed even, and much more fitting of this band’s style. And awash in chromatic black metal riffs, gallops, and monumental tortured terrains, laced with fiendish melodies, squealing dive bombs, and suitably erratic and unsettling lead work, Necrotica’s guitar work is savage. Together they are a lethal combination. The pulsating demonic riffs of ‘Enchained’ with its half-time feel haunting passages, the huge chords of ‘Traitor’, and the devastation that is ‘Driven By Courage’ are gripping. Where the band’s influences can be heard in every caustic cut and every brutal beat, it’s the echoes of Venom in the straight-ahead, go-for-the-throat approach that makes the title track the best of all.

But while there’s some killer stuff going on in this album, dumping it all behind a wall of lo-fi thuds, clatters, and dense feedback swamps the tracks and dilutes the impact. The nadir is ‘Firehole’ when, for some reason unbeknownst to man or beast, the volume drops, both the drums and guitar all but disappear into the distance and the reverb-laced vocals leap to the fore. With the guitars sounding like a horde of angry sex wasps, the howling and maniacal dive-bomb wails are bleached out in the scorched and barren landscape as the merest of shadows. Yeah, I know, it’s black metal and we must deter those unwanted underground tourists, but the musicianship and song-craft deserves to be heard. So if you’re after a black metal album that you’re prepared to devote some serious time to in order to make your way through the mire to savour the intense annihilation and devastation contained within, Suffer In Hellfire is well worth a blast.

Suffer In Hellfire Art6.5 out of 10

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Track listing:

  1. Slack Jawed (Lights Out)
  2. Enchained
  3. Suffer In Hellfire
  4. Devil Inside
  5. Traitor
  6. Firehole
  7. Driven By Courage
  8. In The Face Of God
  9. Toxic Life