Deez Nuts – Bout It


Review by Brady Deeprose

Roadrunner Records

Deez Nuts are back and have never sounded so good. Their brand of brash, immature hardcore has been re-vamped to some slightly more polished, immature hardcore. The drops are still there and some of the lyrics are still priceless (See ‘And we smoke… bunt after blunt after blunt after blunt’) but Bout It shows very little new for ‘Nuts.

The production is tighter than they’ve ever had before and highlights the attack that this brisk splurge of HxC provides. I’ve never been a fan of the genre but it’s hard to dislike JJ Peters and his mob of unruly Australians as they barrel through a heavy drinking, weed smoking collection of songs. The standout ‘Shot After Shot’ is a close as I’d get to really ‘enjoying’ one of the tracks but the album was a good listen.

The songs are all short in classic punk manner, and are intermittently interrupted by some skits and a few four second odd tracks. This makes for a more varied listen than your average straight hardcore record and makes Bout It a little different to its contemporaries.

If you’re looking for depth, ‘Band Of Brothers’ is the closest the album gets. Featuring the stellar Sam Carter of Architects fame, the track is an anthemic statement about sticking behind the guys in your scene. I’d recommend this album to any hardcore, hardcore fan but to anyone looking to get into the genre, Architects, Martyr Defiled and Cancer Bats are doing a similar thing, with better results.

Deez Nuts - Bout It6 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. Bout It
  2. Shot After Shot
  3. Not A Face In The Crowd
  4. Keep On
  5. Popular Demand
  6. Go Fuck Yourself
  7. Don’t Act Like You Don’t Already Know
  8. What We Eat Don’t Make YOU shit
  9. Call To Arms
  10. Streets Are Watching
  11. Public Service Announcement
  12. Unfuckwithable
  13. I.D.K.W.Y.T.Y.A.B.I.K.W.D.G.A.F.
  14. Life You Live
  15. True Colors
  16. Band Of Brothers