Deadlock – Hybris


Decadent, fresh, and so very pleasurable…

Released on 8 July 2016 through Napalm Records and reviewed by Angie K

Melodic death metal: a term in itself a juxtaposition (perhaps one of the most absurd ones I’d heard of, but also one particularly pleasurable to listen to, if only for being so unusual) – this is what characterises the German band Deadlock. I must admit, I didn’t quite know what to expect from their new album Hybris, as so far Deadlock had never been on my radar (slap on the wrist, Angie!) – just not my type of metal. All I knew was that they were a melodic metal band (which is totally up my street)… but I was in for a surprise. One that I rather enjoyed. This is death, thrash, melodic and symphonic metal – all in one. Sounds like a weird combination? Maybe. Still, very, very well thought through and professionally performed.

The instrumentation is not what would surprise you in Deadlock’s style: this is orthodox death metal, perfectly shredded, head banging, featuring C tuning, as heavy as can be expected from the genre, as well as very enjoyable. What makes the band unique, though, is the combination of two completely different styles of singing: what they call “harsh” – male (John Gahlert) and “clear” – female (Margie Gerlitz) vocals. This is what got me totally immersed into the music and enjoying the experiment, as it brings a rather specific type of melodic dimension into the otherwise not so lyrical death metal. At times, the harsh and clear vocal sing/bellow in duet simultaneously: not totally a conventional idea, and greatly performed.

In between the heavy stuff, there are some genuinely lyrical tunes (prime example being ‘Wrath – Salvation’). With the background chorus and atmosphere it creates, you can almost smell witches’ burning fires and smoking potions. Not less enchanting is ‘Ein Deutsches Requiem’, a track that makes you visualise a young innocent boy singing in church, only to be shortly blown away by harsh vocals, heavy riffs and deafening hurricane of metal euphoria. Almost decadent, surprisingly fresh, and so very pleasurable to listen to.

Deadlock – Hybris9 out of 10

Track list:

  1. Epitaph
  2. Carbonman
  3. Berserk
  4. Blood Ghost
  5. Hybris
  6. Wrath – Salvation
  7. Backstory Wound
  8. Ein Deutsches Requiem
  9. Vergebung
  10. Welcome Deathrow