Dead Sea Skulls – Life’s What You Make It EP


Passionate and energetic…

Review by Maryam Snape

Release date: 18 March 2015

If you’re looking for balls-out rock n roll then look no further than the new EP from Birmingham’s Dead Sea Skulls. It kicks off with the thumping ‘Killin’ Time’. An almost military beat cements with contagious harmonies and twanging guitars to create a storming opener. As if that hadn’t already slapped me in the face the stomping rages on with ‘Nothin’ In The World (Hate Song)’ which mixes sultry vocals (a la Josh Homme), with an angry energy and supercharged riffs. The melody is so infectious it’s instantly unforgettable.

The pace slows for ‘Oh No’, which has a bit more of a retro feel with some 80s style vocal effects and guitar riffs. A nice contrast from the previous two tracks. Next is the bluesy ‘Home Sweet Home’ (and no it’s not a Motley Crue cover!), again not as fast-paced as the first two but still feels like one of those that needs to be turned up to 11. On listening to the vocals I’m not quite sure if they’re singing about a sexual act or missing home, either way this is a great track.

Closing song ‘Propaganda’ has a 70s punk feel with its message and shouty chorus. It’s also reminiscent of rock n roll hell raisers such as The Hives and The Vines and even mod rockers The Who in parts – and that can’t be a bad thing. A passionate and energetic mix of tracks definitely worth checking out. Next stop the EP Launch, 18 March at The Victoria. See you down the front?

Dead Sea Skulls8 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. Killin’ Time
  2. Nothin’ In The World (Hate Song)
  3. Oh no
  4. Home Sweet Home
  5. Propaganda