Dead Harts + Weather The Storm + Skies In Motion + With Silent Eyes @ Rescue Rooms, Nottingham – 18th August


Review by Matt Bradley

With Silent Eyes kicked off the night with a solid twenty minutes of metalcore mayhem, set up brilliantly by frontman Joe Lau jumping into the front row at the beginning and not getting back onstage until the last note was played. One of Derby’s most beloved metal groups Skies In Motion hit the stage next, and wowed the crowds with a mixture of heavy breakdowns and intricate guitar wizardry. Adam Connor (vocals) is a tireless beast and despite a brutal collision with a lighting fixture in the opening moments which resulted in a post-set hospital visit, he soldiered on with constant fury. With blood still trickling down his face, Connor thanked the crowd and Skies In Motion left a big hole to fill. Unfortunately, Weather The Storm from London didn’t quite do it. The southerners were admittedly tight, but in contrast to the previous acts, the music was predictable and the performance seemed a little too choreographed for a hardcore/metal gig.

The gig itself was rather poorly organised, as advertised set times were not strictly adhered to. This left Yorkshire’s Dead Harts with a severely reduced window in which to showcase their brand of chaotic hardcore. Vocalist Matthew Baxendale flailed like a whirling dervish, Zach Adams seemed almost possessed as he roared every lyric back at the crowd whilst smashing seven bells out of his bass; this was by far the most passionate and intense set of the night. After only two (yes, TWO) songs, DH were informed that they only had a few minutes left before the gig had to end, much to the anger of the crowd, and with no complaints or hesitation burst instantly into their final song, ‘Smoke Wagons’. Dead Harts left the stage to a hearty round of applause and although their time up there was short, it was definitely enough to leave a resolute impact and instil the knowledge that they are undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with in the metal/hardcore scene.