David J Caron – 9 Singles


Review by Woody

Irish multi-instrumentalist David J Caron, who released the monolithic album Thru Ever Ending Black not long back, returns with a new collection called 9 Singles. As the album title suggest it is indeed a collection of singles released digitally by Caron, five of which can be found on the aforementioned album and four brand new tracks which will feature on Caron’s next full album.

Concentrating on the new songs, it pretty much sees Caron continuing in his unique rock approach with his own style of thoughtful and poetic lyrics. The four new tracks continue with the synth heavy melodic rock tones but with less prog elements and a more commercial vibe to them. Personally I think this collection is worth buying purely for ‘Sometimes Never Comes Soon’ a beautiful, emotional and evocative ballad which never fails to make me reflective every time I listen to it. It probably contains Caron’s best vocal performance and some great lyrics very much in his own unique fashion. Did I remember to mention the killer keyboard hooks on this one, no? Well I did now, they’re killer!

Caron has a knack of stacking as many hooks into one song as he can which makes his songs extremely memorable and they will frequently come back to you. Obviously his unique style of melodic rock, which draws influences from a multitude of genre’s may not sit well with all, but I love the full sound he creates on every song filling them with great atmospherics which can evoke a smile one moment and a tear the next.

The other new songs are ‘Claim Your Victory’ which is a feel good synth heavy rocker with strong melodies and intriguing vocal hooks. The atmospheric ‘Do You Remember’ is a hook filled mid-tempo rocker with a very memorable chorus and ‘Omniscient Flames’ a moody mid paced rocker rounds off the new songs.

At almost thirty tracks long, Thru Ever Ending Black may have been a bit daunting to listen to initially so for people curious to check Caron out, 9 Singles is a good jump-in point to discover what the man’s music is about. This is definitely worth checking out if you’re hungry for something a little bit different but still within the boundaries of melodic rock. Trust me Caron doesn’t do formulaic melodic rock and that is reflected not only in his music but in his unique lyric writing too. Also I think these new songs are far more commercial sounding so it should see him expanding his fan-base with his forthcoming album if these tracks are any indication of what to expect.

David J Caron - 9 Singles8 out of 10

Track Listing:

  1. Claim Your Victory
  2. Do You Remember
  3. Time Machine
  4. Comin’ To Get You
  5. Unbreakable
  6. Escapin’ Back
  7. This Is Now
  8. Omniscient Flames
  9. Sometimes Never Comes Soon