Cross Vault – Miles to Take


Doom doom doom!

Released by Iron Bonehead Productions (Website; Facebook) on 18 November 2016

Review by Jason Guest

Delivering a histrionic performance on their new EP, German duo N. (vocals/drums) and M. (guitar/bass) bring together the melodic, the melancholic and the mournful in two delightfully desperate and desolate doom-laden tracks. Ornate in huge riffs, acoustic passages, vocal harmonies and a curiously uplifting despondency, both ‘A Hand Moving Mountains’ and the title track plot intriguing journeys. Two albums in and with an obvious flair for painting the beauty in blackness, Cross Vault’s latest release is more of the same. Both tracks nudging the eight-minute mark, Cross Vault’s song writing skills are more than apparent as is their musicianship, but the clean production, the squeaky clean performance, and the measured structures dilute what should be much more powerful. All the parts are there, but somehow the whole seems lacking.

cross-vault-miles-to-take6 out of 10

Track list:

  1. A Hand Moving Mountains
  2. Miles to Take