Crime – First Crime (Tape)



Released through Shadow Kingdom on 17 March 2017 and persecuted by Jason Guest

From Santagio, Chile, Crime have hitched a lift with Marty McFly back to the 80s, slit his throat and blew up the DeLorean, flux capacitor and all. With not even the vaguest hint of originality, Crime should be arrested, sentenced, and executed for the most blatant of thefts because the three tracks on this debut tape are face-tearing, chest-pummelling, metal vest-wearing, leather and denim-sporting, Triumph-riding metal classics plundered from the bygone classic era of metal metal bloody metal! But no matter. It’d be a crime not to give this a blast or two. Yes, I did just write that…

Crime – First Crime6 out of 10

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Track list:

  1. Highway Robbery
  2. Give Your Life To The Ruin
  3. We Shall Destroy