Crawling singer Andy launches new solo project


The Crawling front man Andy Clarke has released details of his new solo project Sollein. The music is penned as more of a black metal approach, focusing on depressive subject matter, and delving into even darker places than his usual lyrical themes.

The first single, ‘Another Side of Sadness’ has just been released via Presolus Records.

Andy commented: “I sometimes find myself filled with creativity, but no outlet. There are many ideas and emotions I feel need translated into music, but often isn’t achievable in a full band set up.

“For this reason I began Sollein; writing music without boundaries, no constrictions I usually feel compelled to impose on myself. I have introduced synth, multiple guitars, clean vocal over-laced with a black metal delivery. The result has been an emotive, depressive listen. This makes me happy.”

Formed in of 2020, Sollein is a single man musical project, composed by Andy Clarke of Irish death/doom trio The Crawling. Sollein is currently a studio project designed to provide a creative release for the feelings of solitude, depression and purposelessness we have all found ourselves in.