Conduit – Life On Repeat


Just how good can this band be?

Review by Kristian Pugh

Release date: 1 June 2015

Originating from a region best known for its industry and graft, namely the West Midlands, Coventry’s Conduit is a band that reflect their roots, working tirelessly since their formation 6 years ago to build a strong fan base. And whilst achieving this, they have toured with some of the industries’ big hitters such as Hacktivist, Continents and Oh Sleeper.

With debut album, Life on Repeat however, the time has come for Conduit to show us what they’re made of on a much grander scale to what the Midlanders have previously been exposed to, and with such a large flux of bands currently circulating the Post-Hardcore genre it would almost be understandable for the band to get lost in the crowd and flounder under the pressure.

Opening track ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ suggests that Conduit have done nothing but thrive under this pressure, with its fierce and punchy attack of riffs and blend of heavy and melodic vocals the track itself is a success story waiting to happen, with its ability to appeal a variety of audiences.

Following track, and best song Conduit have ever wrote ‘Sovereign’ takes the elements of its predecessor and turns it up to 100. Dave Roberts’ drum performance is powerful, brain shaking and faultless, while Dave Boyle reminds us that the sometimes un-noticed glue that holds most great bands together is most certainly the bass. That being said the song is a successful blend from all members and has a fast, furious chorus that will more than feed the most blood-thirsty fans search for adrenaline.

Future single ‘Others’ is the first example of the true range of Dave Boyle’s vocals, with its tender and heart-felt start and aggressive centre and with intelligent and thought provoking lyrics such as “is this costing me too much, to reach out my hand?” it would seem that Conduit are a band that can produce a gem of a song out of an ordinary concept.

Songs such as ‘Pulled From The Water’ and ‘Let Your Breath Become Your Sound’ not only showcase the four pieces influence from bands such as Underoath in terms of their spiritual meaning, but lyrics like “Look up and put your hands to the cloud” and “Oh my god, will you forgive me for what’s done?” show us that Conduit have the ability to write songs that have a meaning that stretches further than a ‘boy meets girl’ fiasco. The songs themselves also showcase the bands’ ability to mix it up in terms of sound, with lush guitars, soft vocals and big ol’ powerful choruses.

While ‘Outstretched Arms’ and ‘We Were Kings’ are much of the same, this should not bring the assumption that they are a tired concept by this point. Both attack with a pace and vigour which by this point has become the theme of this monstrous record and brings to an end a 9-song marathon of face melting riffs and a cohesion of intelligent lyrics and brain thumping sound.

With Life On Repeat, many questions are answered in terms of the ability in the band right now, which is undoubtedly high. Most impressive of all however, is that the record leaves several questions unanswered, such as just how good can this band be? It would seem that all that could stop them is themselves.

Conduit – LifeOnRepeat20159 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. Eyes Wide Shut
  2. Sovereign
  3. The Road
  4. Others
  5. Pulled From The Water
  6. Interlude
  7. Let Your Breath Become Your Sound
  8. Outstretched Arms
  9. We Were Kings