Chronicles of Eternal Darkness – extreme metal round-up Nov 2014


If your candle only flickers into life when fired by extreme metal then Paul Castles may have dug up a few interesting treats to warm you as winter draws in. Welcome to the murky world of the Chronicles of Eternal Darkness.


Inferion have been creating their furious blackened death onslaught for almost 20 years now. If the Miami trio have not fallen under your radar yet then maybe here’s your opportunity. New album This Will Decay has just been released by Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. Fans of Deicide and Morbid Angel will not be disappointed.


Italian thrash-death aggressors Methedras have a new album out on November 11, via Pavement Music. The Milanese maestros have supported stacks of top acts across Europe, such as Testament and Exodus. Check out the trailer for System Subversion here.


Anyone who witnessed Obituary’s incendiary set at Bloodstock during the summer will probably already be enjoying their copy of Inked in Blood. If not, then here’s your chance to check out the brilliant new album, which has just been released through Relapse Records. Take a listen here to ‘Visions in My Head’.


Sticking with Relapse, Abysmal Dawn, currently on the road in the States with Deicide and Septic Flesh, have a new album out called Obsolescence. Here’s the trailer from the LA death metal crew.


Newcomers The Lumberjack Feedback have just announced plans to start work on their debut album, to be released via Kaotoxin Records. Last year’s debut EP Hand of Glory from the French instrumental sludge doom band was very well received and they’ve just premiered a video from that release.


Kaotoxin is also the home of UK blackened death metal savages Sidious, who feature members of Eye of Solitude. The Londoners’ debut album Revealed In Profane Splendour is just out.  It follows their 2013 debut EP Ascension to the Throne Ov Self. Since then guitarist Isfeth has taken over the vocals after the departure of vocalist Tom “Void” Allen.


Deserted Fear have been one of the best underground German bands of the last few years. The new album from the Teutonic trio Kingdom of Worms is now out on FDA Rekotz. The official video of the title track is worth a look, but be warned, it features zombies and girls in shorts!


Turkish death metal bands may figure too often in this column, but one to focus on is Decimation. They release Reign of Ungodly Creation on December 9, via Comatose Music. Well worth checking out.


Edmonton black/death deviants Dire Omen have a new album out soon through Dark Descent Records. It’s called Wresting the Revelation of Futility and is bursting with crushing Canadian sounds. The moody trio are masters of the macabre. Take a listen to one of the tracks.


Another slab of savagery coming your way from FDA Rekotz goes by the unlikely name of Tod & Teufel. It’s the new album from German death metal bunch Arroganz. It’s their third full length release and while brutal enough there are also some melodic moments to ease the pain. Here’s a glimpse of the Teutonic trio in action performing a track from the new album.


Doom disciples should keep an eye out for the forthcoming debut album from Fortress. This is real funereal paced stuff but with a smouldering heaviness burning around the edges. The Maryland marauders release Unto the Nothing on December 2 through Unholy Anarchy Records.

The debut album from White Empress, Rise of the Empress, has been out a few weeks now, through Peaceville. The band was put together by ex-Cradle of Filth member Paul Allender with Mary Zimmer (Luna Mortis) on vocals. With brushes of opera mixed in with more trad death metal there’s definitely something worth exploring. Here’s your chance.


As Chronicles of Eternal Darkness prides itself on the more extreme end of the metal stratosphere I leave you with a video teaser for ‘Nekrovaginal Secretions’ a song from the new release by Dutch necromantic death metallers AntropomorphiA. Rites Of Perversion is out now via Metal Blade, but be warned. The Tilburg tyrants’ last release even drew the unwanted attention of the German authorities..