Chronicles of Eternal Darkness – extreme metal news – July 2014


Lovers of extreme metal should find plenty to feast on here as Paul Castles lifts the lid on his latest Chronicles of Eternal Darkness column. From all points of the compass, settle down for a banquet of death metal, black metal and doom.


It should not really need stating but this column is of course a fervent fan of Cannibal Corpse. The death metal godfathers have a new album on the way, via Metal Blade, their 13th full length release.. A Skeletal Domain has been produced by Mark Lewis (The Black Dahlia Murder, DevilDriver). We’re promised a blistering aural assault from George Corpsegrinder and the gang. It’s out in the UK on September 15 and anyone heading to Damnation in Leeds in November may get to hear some of the new material. Take an early preview here with the track ‘Sadistic Embodiment’.

Teutonic titans Keitzer release their fifth album this month.  The Last Defence is an absolute facemelter that will win favour with fans of the likes of Deicide. It’s out through the phenomenally successful FDA Rekotz, the team behind the likes of Deserted Fear, Rude and Decapitated Christ. Take a look at the German grindcrew in action here performing the track ‘This is the only Solution’ from the new album.


New Yorkers Mortals have just released their debut album, via Relapse Records. Cursed to See the Future is a slab of Brooklyn brutality from the all-girl trio, heavy, dark and clanging with riffs. There’s a sludge element too with several tracks falling just shy of the 10-minute mark. Tune in here for a glimpse of the apocalypse with the album’s opening track ‘View from a Tower’.


If you’ve yet to encounter Tampa sludge barons Servants of the Mist then now’s your chance to set things straight. Their Suicide Sex Pact EP hit the spot last year and they’ve just released follow up four-track EP Gross Knowledge of Genital Mutilation. As its title suggests there’s some fairly disturbing and depraved doom going on here but it’s not one that you’d want to slip through the net. Take a look for yourself.


Another release for your doom diary is due out next month from Cardinals Folly.  Our Cult Continues! is released by the Finnish trio on August 19, via Shadow Kingdom Records. Fans of Cathedral will take this in their step and you can judge for yourself with the video of the track ‘Sighisoaran’ here.


High on the agenda for fans to travelling to Bloodstock next month will be the appearance of the imperious Emperor. If that includes you then the new album from  Texan black metal soldiers Humut Tabal may ring your bell. The Dark Emperor of the Shadow Realm is a concept album set among a barren post-apocalyptic wasteland. Here’s a glimpse into the darkness.


Chronicles’ obligatory Swedish death metal offering comes this time around in the surly shape of Ending Quest.   It’s old school all the way on this debut release from the Stockholm trio. Entombed fans will know how good that tastes. The Summoning is just out on FDA Rekotz. Tune in here for your latest spoonful of Scandinavian death metal with a touch of melody to cushion the blow. Here’s the official trailer.


There’s some exciting new stuff on its way from Unspeakable Axe Records who have been behind notable recent releases from the likes of Sabbatory and Trench Rot. Shards Of Humanity play a savage death/thrash mix, influenced by among others Pestilence.  The Memphis trio release their debut album Fractured Frequencies in September and here’s a taster.


The other one to look out for from the Unspeakable Axe team in Athens, Georgia, is from Swiss thrash crew Algebra. Fortunately the band sound better than the name which wreaks of homework and detention.  Feed the Ego is their second full length release and it’s a full on riff assault and is textbook Testament. Here’s the opening track ‘Survival Nowadays’.


If you had the pleasure of catching Gormathon at Bloodstock last year then you’ll be pleased to hear that the Swedes are set to release a new album in September with a Euro tour to go with it. Following The Beast is the name of the new album which promises be another melodic death metal gem. Here they are at their very best.


Last year I was mightily impressed by the debut full length release, Nightmare Vortex, from German death metal act Slaughterday. Well the Teutonic twosome have a follow up EP out next month called Ravenous pounding with the same animalistic savagery. It’s out on FDA Rekotz and consists of three new tracks plus a cover of Acheron’s ‘Ave Satanas’. Here’s a recent clip of Slaughterday live on stage at the Grind the Nazi Scum Festival.


Another leading German label – Dunkelheit – has some notable releases. First up are Dhwhesha from the death metal hotbed of Bangalore – no kiddin!  This young Indian trio have an old school attitude and the trailer for their album Sthoopa is well worth a look.


If you want things stripped back the bone then a seven-track release from Sweden’s Under the Church may satisfy your cranium crushing cravings. Released via Pulverized Records, the self-titled EP is so underground it’s barely got air to breathe. Tracks such as ‘Back to the Grave’ and ‘Digging in the Dirt’ successfully convey the feeling of despair and darkness. Take a look into their murky world.


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