Chris Gould of Serpentine – pre-UK tour Interview


Interview by Woody

Hey Chris, this is Woody from Midlands Rocks, hope you are all well! It’s not long now before the Serp’s head out on another tour! How’s the feeling in the camp, are you looking forward to hitting the road and are you all well rehearsed?

“Hi Woody!! Yes, we’re leaving in a few days and we’re all very excited. Can’t wait to get up on that stage again and play for the fans. There’ll be a couple of surprises in the set list too, so get your tickets now! I hear Bolton has already sold out and tickets for the other venues are flying out!”

What can fans expect from this Serp’s live performance and can you give us any hints on what might be amongst that set list? I’d just like to pre-warn you that if ‘Cry’ or ‘In My Blood’ are not in the set I will throw a wobbly.

“Fans can expect an energetic, fun-filled set with a bit of banter thrown in from Matt!! I can’t give out any hints about the songs, because we really wanna’ go out and surprise the fans! It’ll be great to see their reaction and speak to everyone after we’ve played.”

Your playing a few venues and regions you haven’t played before; is it important to the band to get to as many places as possible or would you rather establish a live following in venues you could play regularly?

“We’re happy to play new venues and ones we’ve played before equally, because it’s important to establish a reputation on new ground but also to never forget the regular customers in the areas we’ve played before….”
“Also, I apologise on behalf of the bands for not being able to play London. I know a few people were looking forward to it and were planning to buy tickets, but due to circumstances beyond our control, we’re unable to perform there. Hopefully you’ll forgive us and come see us next time we’re there!”

The band are gathering momentum with every album and live show played so far; do you feel pressure as the bands reputation grows and expectations heighten? Also how is work on the bands third album coming?

“We’re really pleased with the momentum being gathered right now and it’s important we keep it up. We feel a bit of pressure, but we’re just taking things one step at a time. We’re trying to build on our success by making sure that in every live performance we’re at our best and by taking our time to write the third album. So far we’ve written 4 tracks musically and we’ll get straight to it again, after the tour has ended. We’re not looking to rush it, because we want to make sure we give the best to our fans.”

I know performing live is very important to the band, and since Matt Black’s induction, the band have gotten out and played as many shows as you can. Can we expect Serp’s tours and Festival appearances to happen year after year even when not promoting a new album?

“You certainly can; providing people want us to play, we will definitely be there. We love being out on the road, performing and meeting everyone after the show. It’s a very humbling, adrenaline filled experience with people wanting to come and see us. We’re going to be busy with the third album, but we’ve got Hard Rock Hell later on this year, which is another great reason to go out and do some shows beforehand!”

Best of luck on the tour guys; I’ll be seeing you guys for the first time at The Roadhouse in Birmingham and I’m very much looking forward to finally seeing the band live!

“Thanks Woody! We all appreciate you taking the time to do this interview; and for coming to see us. Hope you enjoy the show, we’ll have a drink or two afterwards!”