Chasma – Omega Theorian


An atmospheric melting pot

Review by Paul Castles

Candlelight Records

Release date: 7 July 2014

Portland purveyors of purposeful black metal Chasma have successfully journeyed into the fiery furnace of evil on their first foray through Candlelight Records. This latest offering from the Oregon trio is a captivating and supremely well considered piece of work. Omega Theorian tests and challenges you as all the best music should with its textures, folds and joins all seamlessly interwoven to produce a truly dynamic album that it’s hard to imagine anyone ever tiring of.

Opening track ‘The Emblazonment’ is really something of an extended intro with almost childlike sounds and harmonies which can lure the unsuspecting listener into a cosy trap before the beast is unleashed from its cage. ‘Frozen Paths To Never’ is a particularly feral force, bass-playing vocalist Ryan Whyte screeching away over some rampant guitar licks and pummeling drums. The song is one of pure hatred.

On the crushing ‘Angelaria’ the mood is oppressive and while the initial tempo is a moody monotone as the crescendo gathers energy it starts to spark, a sinister edge permeating through its dark core. The closing ‘Hewn by the Hands of Infinity’ is shorter than all except the intro. It starts to slide across the coffin lid on some savage satanic sounds with a rumbling rhythmic riposte before one final flaying explosion of mayhem

There is some fine black metal emanating from across the pond at the moment. It’s unfair and pointless to keep comparing this with the 80s and 90s Norwegian forefathers of the genre. What bands such as Chasma are producing merits respect in its own right. As such Omega Theorian is an atmospheric melting pot. Just don’t get burnt.

Chasma – Omega Theorian8 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. The Emblazement
  2. Cathedral of Luminaries
  3. Arcane Firebirth
  4. Frozen Paths to Never
  5. Trapped Beneath the Shining World
  6. Disciples of an Ancient Aeon
  7. Angelaria
  8. Hewn by the Hands of Infinity